Experience the vibrant world of Vietnamese cuisine in Hanoi with the ‘Hanoi: Cooking Class in a Local Villa With Market Tour’ activity. Led by an English-speaking instructor, you will explore a local market, discovering traditional ingredients.

Then, in the cozy setting of a local villa, they will learn to prepare iconic Vietnamese recipes. With limited spots available, this intimate and personalized experience is perfect for foodies of all skill levels.

Enjoy the flavors of Vietnam and nurture your culinary passion.

Good To Know

Hanoi: Cooking Class in a Local Villa With Market Tour - Good To Know

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  • The cooking class offers free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance.
  • The duration of the cooking class is 4.5 hours.
  • The class is led by an English-speaking instructor.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to explore vibrant flavors and cooking techniques of Vietnamese cuisine, work with fresh local ingredients sourced from a traditional market, and enjoy the rich culture and traditions of Hanoi.

Activity Details

Hanoi: Cooking Class in a Local Villa With Market Tour - Activity Details

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The activity details of the cooking class in Hanoi include free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, a duration of 4.5 hours, and an English-speaking instructor.

This culinary experience is perfect for those who desire freedom, as it allows you to explore the vibrant flavors and cooking techniques of Vietnamese cuisine. You’ll have the opportunity to work with fresh, local ingredients sourced from a traditional market, enjoying the rich culture and traditions of Hanoi.

Under the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor, you’ll learn how to create iconic recipes that showcase the authentic flavors of Vietnam. From mastering the art of rolling spring rolls to perfecting the balance of flavors in a bowl of pho, this cooking class will equip you with the skills to recreate these delicious dishes at home.

Get ready to embark on a culinary journey that will tantalize your taste buds and ignite your passion for cooking.


During the cooking class in Hanoi, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an authentic culinary experience. They’ll delight their senses with the aromas and flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.

Before the cooking begins, they’ll visit a local market to get a glimpse of traditional life in Hanoi and to shop for fresh, local ingredients. Guided by an English-speaking instructor, they’ll learn how to make iconic Vietnamese recipes using these ingredients.

The instructor will share insightful local tales, adding depth to the cooking experience. Participants will acquire new cooking techniques and skills, nurturing their passion for cooking.

Finally, they’ll feast on their delicious creations with friends, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

This cooking class promises to be a fun and educational exploration of Vietnamese cuisine.

Full Description

Participants in this cooking class in Hanoi will experience an immersive journey into traditional Vietnamese life and cuisine. Here’s what they can expect:

  1. Shop for local ingredients: Begin the day by visiting a typical Vietnamese market, where you’ll get a glimpse of daily life in Hanoi. Explore the vibrant stalls and choose fresh ingredients for your culinary creations.

  2. Learn cooking techniques: In a cozy kitchen setting, an English-speaking instructor will guide you through the process of making iconic Vietnamese recipes. Discover the secrets behind traditional cooking techniques and gain new skills to impress your friends back home.

  3. Taste your own creations: After the cooking session, sit down with your fellow participants and feast on the delicious dishes you’ve prepared. Delight your senses with the aromas and flavors of authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

  4. Nurture your passion for cooking: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook, this class provides a nurturing environment for you to explore your love for cooking. Embrace the freedom to experiment with local ingredients and create your own culinary masterpieces.

Review Summary

Continuing the exploration of the immersive cooking class in Hanoi, the review summary reveals the exceptional experiences and high ratings received by the guide, transportation, and service. The guide received a perfect rating of 5/5, highlighting the incredible knowledge and expertise they shared throughout the tour. The transportation also received a high rating of 4.8/5, ensuring a comfortable and convenient journey to the local market and villa. As for the service, it received a rating of 4.9/5, with guests praising the friendly and attentive staff who made the experience enjoyable. The positive reviews mentioned the great time and incredible guide, the fun morning and learning experience, and the pleasant exploration of Vietnamese cuisine. With these outstanding ratings and reviews, participants can expect a memorable cooking class where they can learn cooking techniques using fresh local ingredients.

Guide Transportation Service
5/5 4.8/5 4.9/5

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Additional Information

The article provides additional information about the immersive cooking class in Hanoi, offering insights into the location, product ID, and specific neighborhood of Dong Bac in Vietnam. Here are some key details to give you a better understanding of what to expect:

  1. Product ID: 167109

  2. Location: Hanoi, Vietnam, Dong Bac

  3. Explore a local market: Get a firsthand experience of traditional life in Hanoi by visiting a vibrant Vietnamese market. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells as you shop for fresh ingredients.

  4. Learn authentic Vietnamese cuisine: Join a guided cooking experience where you’ll not only learn how to cook iconic recipes but also listen to insightful local tales. Discover the secrets behind creating delicious dishes using the fresh ingredients you just bought from the market.

This additional information ensures that participants can fully embrace the market tour and enjoy the vibrant world of Vietnamese cuisine.


Arriving at the local villa is as simple as following the instructions provided by the English-speaking instructor. The tour guide will ensure that participants are picked up for free from the Old Quarter and taken to the villa where the cooking class will be held. To give you a better idea of how to get there, here are the directions:

Directions Description
1. Meet at the designated pick-up point in the Old Quarter The tour guide will be waiting to greet you and take you to the villa
2. Enjoy a short scenic drive to the local market Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere as you explore the market and learn about traditional Vietnamese ingredients
3. Return to the villa for the cooking class The instructor will guide you through the process of creating delicious Vietnamese dishes using the fresh ingredients you just purchased

With these directions, participants can easily navigate their way to the local villa and embark on a memorable market exploration and cooking experience.

Common Questions

What Types of Vietnamese Dishes Will Be Taught in the Cooking Class?

In the cooking class, you will learn how to make traditional Vietnamese dishes. They will be taught the techniques and ingredients needed to create flavorful and authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Can Participants With Dietary Restrictions or Allergies Be Accommodated in the Cooking Class?

Participants with dietary restrictions or allergies can be accommodated in the cooking class. The instructor provides options for special ingredients or substitutions to ensure everyone can enjoy the culinary experience.

Will Participants Have the Opportunity to Interact With Local People During the Market Tour?

Participants will have opportunities for cultural exchange and interact with local people during the market tour. They can learn about traditional life in Hanoi and gain insights into Vietnamese culture while shopping for fresh ingredients.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participating in the Cooking Class?

There are no age restrictions for participating in the cooking class. Whether young or old, anyone can join in and learn how to create delicious Vietnamese dishes. Dietary restrictions can also be accommodated.

Is It Necessary to Have Any Prior Cooking Experience to Join the Class?

No prior cooking experience is necessary to join the class. The cooking class is suitable for beginners, allowing them to learn new skills and explore Vietnamese cuisine in a fun and engaging way.

The Sum Up

Set out on a culinary adventure in Hanoi with the ‘Hanoi: Cooking Class in a Local Villa With Market Tour’ experience.

This immersive activity allows you to explore a local market and learn about traditional life in Vietnam.

With a knowledgeable instructor guiding you, you’ll then prepare iconic Vietnamese recipes in a cozy kitchen setting.

Suitable for all skill levels, this cooking class offers an intimate and personalized experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for Vietnamese cuisine.

Don’t miss out on this delightful exploration of flavors and culture.