The ‘2-Day Oriental Sails Junk Cruise of Halong Bay’ is a thrilling adventure that immerses travelers in the breathtaking beauty of UNESCO-listed Halong Bay.

Operated by the traditional-style junk, ‘Oriental Sails’, this cruise offers 18 deluxe cabins and an action-packed itinerary.

From swimming and hiking at Titop Island to kayaking to Luon Cave, every moment is filled with excitement.

With glowing reviews and a rating of 4.5 stars, this affordable cruise promises an unforgettable experience with stunning views and friendly staff.

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Good To Know

2-Day Oriental Sails Junk Cruise of Halong Bay - Good To Know

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  • The 2-day cruise on the Oriental Sails junk offers a packed itinerary with activities such as swimming, hiking, kayaking, tai chi, and cooking lessons.
  • The cruise provides stunning scenery and a relaxing experience on the sundeck.
  • The cancellation policy allows for a full refund if canceled 7 days in advance and options for different dates or full refund in case of poor weather conditions.
  • The reviews indicate that the tour provides a nice and comfortable boat, excellent food, friendly and helpful staff, and beautiful views of Halong Bay. However, there are some issues mentioned with the cleanliness and maintenance of the ship.

Overview of the 2-day Oriental Sails Junk Cruise

2-Day Oriental Sails Junk Cruise of Halong Bay - Overview of the 2-day Oriental Sails Junk Cruise

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The 2-day Oriental Sails Junk Cruise offers an immersive experience on the UNESCO-listed Halong Bay. This traditional-style junk boasts 18 deluxe cabins, providing comfortable accommodations for guests.

The cruise itinerary is packed with exciting activities, including swimming or hiking at Titop Island, kayaking to Luon Cave, participating in a tai chi morning exercise, and even taking a cooking lesson with the chef. Guests can also relax and enjoy the stunning scenery from the sundeck of the junk.

The importance of Halong Bay’s UNESCO listing can’t be overstated, as it recognizes the outstanding universal value of this natural wonder. The designation ensures the preservation and protection of the bay, allowing visitors to witness its beauty for generations to come.

Itinerary Highlights and Activities

During the 2-day Oriental Sails Junk Cruise of Halong Bay, guests can look forward to a packed itinerary filled with exciting activities and breathtaking scenery. Here are some highlights and activities that guests can enjoy:

  • Excursions and hikes on Titop Island: Guests can explore the island’s beautiful landscapes and hike to the top for stunning panoramic views of Halong Bay.

  • Tai chi exercise: Start the day with a calming and invigorating tai chi session on the sundeck, surrounded by the serene beauty of the bay.

  • Cooking lesson on board: Learn how to create delicious Vietnamese dishes with a cooking lesson led by the ship’s chef. Guests can try their hand at preparing traditional recipes.

  • Swimming and kayaking: Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Halong Bay and enjoy a refreshing swim. Guests can also explore the bay’s hidden gems by kayaking to Luon Cave.

  • Relax and enjoy the scenery: Take in the awe-inspiring views of towering limestone karsts, emerald waters, and floating fishing villages from the comfort of the sundeck.

With such a diverse range of activities, guests are guaranteed an unforgettable experience on the Oriental Sails Junk Cruise.

Cancellation Policy and Weather Considerations

Guests of the 2-day Oriental Sails Junk Cruise of Halong Bay can rest assured with a clear and straightforward cancellation policy, as well as considerations for inclement weather. The cancellation policy allows for a full refund if canceled up to 7 days in advance. However, there will be no refund for cancellations made less than 2 full days before the experience start time. For cancellations made 3-6 full days before the start time, a 50% refund is offered. Changes made less than 6 full days before the start time will not be accepted. Plus, the cruise is weather-dependent, and in the event of poor weather, guests have the option to choose a different date or receive a full refund. This ensures that guests are protected in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Cancellation Policy and Weather Considerations:

Cancellation Timeframe Refund Percentage
Up to 7 days in advance Full refund
Less than 2 full days before start time No refund
3-6 full days before start time 50% refund
Changes made less than 6 full days before start time Not accepted
Canceled due to poor weather Option for different date or full refund

With this cancellation policy and weather considerations in place, guests can book their Oriental Sails Junk Cruise with peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected. Whether it’s a change of plans or unexpected weather conditions, the cruise offers flexibility and options to ensure a positive experience for all. So get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure through the breathtaking landscapes of Halong Bay.

Traveler Photos, Tips, and Reviews

Exploring traveler photos, tips, and reviews enhances the understanding of the Day Oriental Sails Junk Cruise of Halong Bay experience. Here are some highlights from the experiences of previous travelers:

  • Stay overnight on board instead of a 1-day trip to fully immerse in the beauty of Halong Bay.
  • Check out the reviews by Viator travelers for firsthand accounts of the cruise.
  • Perform checks on reviews to ensure they’re reliable and trustworthy.
  • Enjoy the comfortable ship, enjoyable activities, and excellent food provided during the cruise.
  • Appreciate the friendly and helpful tour guide, Mr. Tu, who ensures a memorable experience.

These traveler experiences provide valuable insights into what to expect on the Day Oriental Sails Junk Cruise. From stunning scenery and exciting activities to delicious food and friendly staff, it’s clear that this cruise offers an unforgettable adventure in Halong Bay.

Affordable and Wonderful Experiences, Good Service, and Beautiful Views

The cruise offers guests an affordable and wonderful experience, with good service and beautiful views of Halong Bay. With affordable options available, travelers of all ages can enjoy a mini van trip from Hanoi to Halong Bay, where they’ll embark on an amazing sightseeing adventure on a boat.

The tour is known for its good value for money, providing a memorable experience without breaking the bank. The friendly staff and crew ensure that guests feel welcome and well taken care of throughout the journey. From the breathtaking views of Ha Long Bay to the delicious food served on board, every aspect of the cruise is designed to provide a unique and enjoyable experience.

With comfortable accommodations and informative tour guides, guests can relax and soak in the beauty of this stunning destination.

Common Questions

What Is the Capacity of the Oriental Sails Junk Boat?

The Oriental Sails junk boat has a capacity of 18 deluxe cabins. As for age restrictions, the boat is suitable for all ages, making it the perfect choice for a memorable and adventurous cruise in Halong Bay.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for the Cruise?

There are no age restrictions for the cruise. Safety measures are in place to ensure the well-being of passengers of all ages. The cruise offers a range of activities and entertainment options suitable for everyone to enjoy.

Is There Wi-Fi Available on Board the Oriental Sails Junk Boat?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi available on board the Oriental Sails Junk Boat. Passengers of all ages can enjoy this amenity while exploring the stunning Halong Bay on their day cruise.

Can Vegetarian or Special Dietary Requirements Be Accommodated?

Yes, vegetarian options and special dietary requirements can be accommodated on the Day Oriental Sails Junk Cruise of Halong Bay. Guests can enjoy delicious meals tailored to their needs while experiencing the stunning beauty of the bay.

Are There Any Additional Fees or Charges Not Mentioned in the Article?

There are no additional fees or charges not mentioned in the article for the Day Oriental Sails Junk Cruise of Halong Bay. All costs are included in the full dining and round-trip transport from Hanoi hotels.

The Sum Up

To sum it up, the 2-day Oriental Sails Junk Cruise of Halong Bay offers an affordable and wonderful experience for all ages.

With its comfortable ship, enjoyable activities, and excellent food, travelers are guaranteed to have a memorable journey through the UNESCO-listed Halong Bay.

Despite some cleanliness and maintenance issues mentioned in negative reviews, the cruise is highly recommended by previous visitors for its beautiful views and friendly staff.

Don’t miss out on this adventure-packed cruise that promises to create unforgettable memories.