Set out on a premium craft beer adventure in Palermo, Buenos Aires, where beer enthusiasts can not only sample a selection of Argentine craft beers but also savor delicious street food offerings. The tour promises an immersive experience in the local beer culture, with a highlight being a visit to the renowned Baum Brewery in Palermo Hollywood.

Discover the vibrant craft beer scene of Palermo, Buenos Aires by joining this tour and uncovering unique insights into the world of craft brewing and culinary delights.

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Good To Know

  • Experience a premium craft beer tour in Palermo, Buenos Aires with expertly curated tastings.
  • Enjoy small group tastings of Argentine craft beers and street food delights.
  • Enjoy Palermo’s local brewery scene with innovative brews.
  • Indulge in diverse beer styles and flavors paired with authentic Argentine cuisine for a complete tasting journey.

Tour Highlights

Set out on a premium craft beer tour in Palermo, Buenos Aires to indulge in a small group experience filled with tasting Argentine craft beer, savoring street food delights, and exploring Baum Brewery in Palermo Hollywood.

The tour highlights include expertly curated craft beer pairings that showcase the rich flavors of Argentina. Participants get a chance to enjoy the vibrant local brewery scene of Palermo, known for its innovative brews and passionate brewers.

From hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts, the tour offers a diverse selection of beers to suit every palate. At Baum Brewery, located in the trendy Palermo Hollywood neighborhood, visitors can witness firsthand the artistry and dedication that go into crafting these unique brews.

Traveler Recommendations

Enjoy the craft beer culture of Palermo, Buenos Aires by exploring authentic traveler recommendations for an unforgettable tasting experience.

When it comes to beer selection, travelers suggest trying out a variety of options to truly experience the local craft beer scene. From pale ales to stouts, there’s something for every beer enthusiast to enjoy.

Plus, many recommend pairing the beer tasting with local cuisine to enhance the overall experience. Whether it’s pairing a hoppy IPA with empanadas or a rich porter with Argentine barbecue, combining beer with local flavors adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the tour.

Customer Reviews

When delving into the customer reviews for the Craft Beer Tour in Palermo, Buenos Aires, visitors consistently praise the diverse beer selection and immersive tasting experience. The craft beer selection offered on the tour is highly commended, with participants highlighting the variety of local and unique brews available for sampling.

On top of that, many reviewers express their delight in the local food pairings that accompany the beer tastings, enhancing the overall experience. Participants describe the tour as a perfect blend of delicious craft beers and authentic Argentine street food, creating a memorable and enjoyable outing.

These positive reviews emphasize the tour’s ability to provide a well-rounded and enriching exploration of Palermo’s craft beer scene, making it a must-try experience for beer enthusiasts.

Booking Information

Visitors interested in experiencing the renowned Craft Beer Tour in Palermo, Buenos Aires can easily book this premium craft beer tasting adventure through Viator, with prices starting from €61.30. The tour is available on select days, and booking in advance is recommended due to its popularity. Payment can be made securely online using major credit cards or PayPal. For those looking to secure their spots, Viator offers a convenient booking process with instant confirmation. Get ready to learn about the vibrant craft beer scene of Palermo, Buenos Aires, and indulge in a unique tasting experience like no other.

Booking Information
Tour Availability Select days
Payment Options Credit cards, PayPal

Traveler Tips

For a successful craft beer tour experience in Palermo, Buenos Aires, travelers are advised to explore the numerous beer options available and consider checking out reviews for valuable insights. When embarking on this adventure, it’s essential to explore the craft beer selection and indulge in local cuisine tastings to fully take in the vibrant culture of Palermo.

To make the most of the tour, visitors should also take the time to read reviews by Viator travelers, as these can provide helpful tips and recommendations based on firsthand experiences. Plus, researching before the tour can enhance the overall enjoyment and appreciation of the diverse beer offerings and culinary delights awaiting exploration in Buenos Aires.

  • Explore the craft beer selection
  • Indulge in local cuisine tastings
  • Read reviews by Viator travelers
  • Research before the tour

Contact Customer Support

Travelers can easily get in touch with Viator’s Help Center for any questions or assistance regarding the craft beer tour in Palermo, Buenos Aires by referencing the product code: 14659P32. If seeking more information on the brewery selection and local cuisine offered during the tour, customer support can provide detailed insights.

Plus, inquiries about the tour itinerary, including stops like Baum Brewery in Palermo Hollywood, and tasting notes can be addressed through this contact point. Whether it’s about the different beer options available or specific details on the street food tastings, the customer support team is there to assist.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for a comprehensive understanding of what to expect on this premium craft beer experience in Buenos Aires.

Common Questions

Is Transportation Provided to and From the Meeting Point for the Craft Beer Tour in Palermo, Buenos Aires?

Transportation to and from the meeting point is not provided for the craft beer tour in Palermo, Buenos Aires. Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to ensure they arrive on time for the tour.

Are There Any Vegetarian or Vegan Options Available for the Street Food Tasting on the Beer Tour?

Vegetarian options are available for the street food tasting on the craft beer tour in Palermo, Buenos Aires. Vegan alternatives can also be provided upon request. Participants can enjoy a diverse food experience while exploring Argentine craft beer.

Can Participants Purchase Additional Craft Beer or Souvenirs at Baum Brewery During the Tour?

During the tour, participants can explore a diverse beer selection at Baum Brewery. They have the option to purchase additional craft beer for enjoyment during the tour. Plus, tour merchandise is available for those looking for souvenirs.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement to Participate in the Craft Beer Tour in Palermo, Buenos Aires?

There is a minimum age requirement to participate in the craft beer tour in Palermo, Buenos Aires. Travel companions must meet the legal drinking age. Parental consent may be needed for underage participants.

Are There Any Discounts Available for Group Bookings or Repeat Customers for the Premium Craft Beer Tour Experience?

Discount options and customer loyalty benefits are available for group bookings and repeat customers on the craft beer tour in Palermo, Buenos Aires. Contact Viator Help Center for more information on how to take advantage of these offers.

The Sum Up

Don’t miss out on the ultimate craft beer adventure in Palermo, Buenos Aires. Indulge in a premium tour experience that includes sampling Argentine craft beers, enjoying delicious street food, and visiting the renowned Baum Brewery.

With a convenient cancellation policy and rave reviews from previous travelers, booking this tour is a no-brainer. Enjoy the vibrant beer culture of Palermo and create unforgettable memories on this unique journey.

Cheers to an unforgettable experience!