The Nagano Private Two Day Tour offers a personalized and immersive experience in the beautiful region of Nagano, Japan. Led by knowledgeable local guides, this tour takes you to key attractions such as the Hokusai museum and a local soba place for lunch.

Accommodation is provided at a traditional Japanese Ryokan, complete with a twelve-course dinner and a private onsen on the roof.

With the Nagano Private Two Day Tour, you can expect a seamless and unforgettable journey filled with unique experiences and lasting memories.

Good To Know

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Good To Know

  • Private 2-day tour in Nagano with a guided tour on the first day and free time on the second day
  • Includes accommodation at a Japanese Ryokan, entrance fees, and an onsen experience
  • Wheelchair accessible (except at Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park)
  • Snow monkeys may not bathe as often in warmer seasons

Tour Details and Overview

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Tour Details and Overview

The tour details and overview of the Nagano Private Two Day Tour include a guided tour on the first day, followed by free time on the second day.

On the guided tour, participants can expect a carefully planned itinerary that takes them to various attractions in Nagano, such as the Hokusai museum and a local soba place for lunch. The knowledgeable guide will provide insightful information about the places visited and offer recommendations for local delicacies to try.

After the guided tour, participants have the freedom to explore Nagano at their own pace on the second day. They can engage in various free time activities, such as visiting other nearby attractions, experiencing the traditional Japanese Ryokan, or simply relaxing and seeing the local culture.

The tour itinerary and free time activities offer a well-rounded experience for visitors to Nagano.

Tour Highlights

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Tour Highlights

Carrying on from the previous points of ‘Tour Details and Overview’, participants of the Nagano Private Two Day Tour can expect an array of exciting and memorable tour highlights.

One of the highlights of the tour is the opportunity to indulge in delicious local cuisine. Travelers will have the chance to visit a local soba place for lunch, where they can savor the flavors of traditional Japanese buckwheat noodles.

Another highlight is the visit to the Hokusai Museum. As one of Japan’s most renowned artists, Hokusai’s works are a must-see for art enthusiasts. Participants will have the chance to explore the museum and admire his masterpieces.

These highlights, along with the other experiences included in the tour, promise to create lasting memories for all participants.

Value for Money

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Value for Money

Participants of the Nagano Private Two Day Tour can expect an excellent value for their money. When comparing the cost of the tour to the experiences and services provided, it’s clear that this tour is highly cost-effective.

The tour includes private car transportation, a knowledgeable guide, and a personal itinerary planned by Toru. Participants also get to enjoy a traditional Japanese Ryokan stay, complete with a twelve-course dinner and a fantastic private onsen on the roof. These highlights alone make the tour worth every penny.

Plus, the tour offers the opportunity to explore the Nagano area with a helpful guide who can assist with communication barriers.

Snow Monkey Park Experience

participants on the Nagano Private Two Day Tour can further enhance their experience with a visit to the Snow Monkey Park.

Located in the Jigokudani Valley, this park is home to the famous snow monkeys, also known as Japanese macaques. These adorable creatures are known for their unique behavior of bathing in the park’s hot springs during the winter months. It’s a truly remarkable sight to see these monkeys relaxing in the warm water, surrounded by the snowy landscape.

After observing the snow monkeys, participants can enjoy a traditional Ryokan experience at one of the nearby accommodations. A Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn that offers a glimpse into the country’s rich cultural heritage. Staying at a Ryokan provides an opportunity to experience Japanese hospitality, sleep on tatami mats, enjoy kaiseki meals, and soak in an onsen, a Japanese hot spring bath.

It’s a truly immersive and memorable experience that allows participants to fully embrace the local culture and traditions.

Excellent Guide

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Excellent Guide

The excellent guide on the Nagano Private Two Day Tour was praised for their friendly and knowledgeable demeanor. They went above and beyond to ensure that the travelers had a memorable experience.

Here are a few reasons why the guide was exceptional:

  • Friendly and Knowledgeable: The guide wasn’t only welcoming and approachable but also had extensive knowledge about the history, culture, and attractions of Nagano. They were able to provide interesting insights and answer any questions the travelers had.

  • Traditional Ryokan Stay: The guide arranged a comfortable and authentic Ryokan stay for the travelers. This allowed them to experience the traditional Japanese hospitality and enjoy the unique features of a Ryokan, such as sleeping on tatami mats and soaking in a private onsen on the roof.

  • Local Delicacies: The guide took the travelers to try local delicacies, giving them a taste of the authentic Nagano cuisine. This added to the overall experience and allowed the travelers to enjoy the local culture.

Nagano Area Exploration

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Nagano Area Exploration

Exploring the Nagano area further, the guide Fan continued to provide a memorable and informative experience for the travelers. Fan went above and beyond to assist the travelers in overcoming any communication barriers they encountered. With his excellent language skills and patience, he ensured that everyone felt comfortable and understood.

Fan was always ready to answer questions and provide helpful explanations about the Nagano area. Whether it was explaining the history and significance of the local temples or recommending the best spots for authentic Japanese cuisine, Fan made sure that the travelers had a truly memorable experience.

His dedication to providing assistance and creating a seamless experience for the visitors made their time in Nagano unforgettable.


To find the meeting point for the Nagano Private Two Day Tour, travelers should head towards the designated location as specified in the booking confirmation. The meeting point is easily accessible by various transportation options, making it convenient for visitors to reach.

Here are three transportation options to consider:

  • Train: The meeting point is located near a train station, allowing travelers to easily travel by train. Simply check the train schedule and take the appropriate train to the designated station.

  • Bus: There are bus routes that pass by the meeting point, providing another convenient transportation option. Look for the bus stops near the meeting point and plan your journey accordingly.

  • Taxi: Taxis are readily available in Nagano, and it’s possible to book a taxi to take you directly to the meeting point. This option is ideal for those who prefer a more personalized and direct mode of transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Meals or Snacks on the Tour?

Yes, participants can bring their own meals or snacks on the tour. The tour accommodates dietary restrictions, allowing individuals to enjoy their preferred food options during the trip.

Is Transportation Included in the Tour Price?

Yes, transportation is included in the tour price. The Nagano Private Two Day Tour offers transportation options such as private car transportation. It is part of the tour package inclusions for a convenient and hassle-free experience.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for the Tour?

Age limitations and tour restrictions may apply. It is advisable to check the specific guidelines and requirements for the Nagano Private Two Day Tour. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the tour organizer.

Can I Cancel or Change My Booking After It Has Been Confirmed?

Yes, the cancellation policy and changing booking details are important to consider. It is advisable to review the specific terms and conditions of the Nagano Private Two Day Tour for information regarding cancellation and changes after confirmation.

Are There Any Additional Fees or Charges Not Mentioned in the Tour Description?

Yes, there may be additional fees or charges not mentioned in the tour description. It is advisable to check with the tour operator for clarification on any additional services and available payment methods.

The Sum Up

To sum it up, the Nagano Private Two Day Tour offers a truly immersive and personalized experience in the beautiful region of Nagano, Japan. With knowledgeable local guides, delicious local cuisine, and the opportunity to stay at a traditional Ryokan, this tour provides a seamless and unforgettable journey.

From exploring key attractions to experiencing the authentic Japanese way of life, this tour offers something for all. Whether you’re a nature lover or a history enthusiast, the Nagano Private Two Day Tour is sure to leave you with lasting memories.

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