Are you ready to catch some waves and experience the thrill of surfing? Look no further than the private surf lesson for beginners in Santa Monica offered by Badass Surf School.

Imagine spending two hours on the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica, learning the ins and outs of surfing from a professional instructor. With personalized guidance and feedback, you’ll be riding the waves in no time.

But what exactly does this lesson include? And where do you meet your instructor? Keep reading to find out all the exciting details and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the ocean.

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Good To Know

  • Unforgettable experience with Badass Surf School
  • Personalized guidance and feedback from a professional instructor
  • Access to top-notch surfboards and wetsuits
  • 2-hour duration for ample learning and practice time

Overview and Booking Details

When booking a private surf lesson in Santa Monica, beginners can expect an unforgettable experience with Badass Surf School. Not only will they receive personalized guidance and feedback from a professional instructor, but they’ll also have access to top-notch surfboards and wetsuits.

The duration of the lesson is 2 hours, providing ample time to learn the basics of surfing and practice on the beach before heading into the water. As for pricing, Badass Surf School offers competitive rates for their private lessons. Group discounts are also available, making it a great option for friends or family looking to learn together.

Whether it’s catching your first wave or simply enjoying the thrill of being out on the water, a private surf lesson with Badass Surf School is sure to be a fun and memorable experience.

What’s Included

The private surf lesson with Badass Surf School includes a variety of essential elements to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Private surf lesson with a professional instructor: Benefit from personalized guidance and feedback as you learn the basics of surfing.

  • Surfboard and wetsuit rental: No need to worry about bringing your own equipment. Everything you need will be provided.

  • Safety briefing and instructions: Before you hit the waves, your instructor will go over important safety measures and teach you the proper techniques.

Use of Scuba Equipment

Participants in the private surf lesson in Santa Monica won’t be using scuba equipment during the activity. This is because scuba diving and surfing are two completely different water activities. While scuba diving involves exploring the depths of the ocean with the help of specialized equipment, surfing focuses on riding the waves using a surfboard.

Scuba diving requires specific training and certification to ensure safety underwater, while surfing can be enjoyed by beginners without any previous experience. Although scuba diving offers the opportunity to discover the incredible underwater world and observe marine life up close, surfing provides an exhilarating experience of riding the waves and feeling the rush of the ocean.

For those interested in scuba diving, there are separate lessons available specifically designed for beginners. These lessons offer various benefits, such as teaching essential skills, providing knowledge about underwater safety, and enhancing confidence in the water.

However, the private surf lesson in Santa Monica is tailored specifically for beginners who want to learn the basics of surfing and have a fun and memorable experience in the beautiful coastal city.

Meeting and Pickup

After learning about the use of scuba equipment in the previous section, let’s now dive into the exciting details of the meeting and pickup process for your private surf lesson in Santa Monica.

  • Transportation options for participants:

  • Participants can choose to head directly to the meeting point at 2400 Barnard Way, Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA.

  • Alternatively, participants can request pickup at their preferred location.

  • Pickup points can be selected upon booking for convenience.

  • Alternative meeting points for pickup:

  • Look for the classic blue VW bus with our name on it at the designated meeting point.

  • If driving, parking is available at the smaller short-term lot on the north side for $1 an hour.

  • For those who prefer not to drive, alternative meeting points can be arranged to suit their needs.

Whether you decide to make your own way to the meeting point or opt for pickup, rest assured that the Badass Surf School team is ready to provide you with a fun and memorable private surf lesson experience in Santa Monica.

What to Expect

Get set for an unforgettable adventure as you dive into the world of surfing with a private lesson in Santa Monica. Taking a private surf lesson offers numerous benefits for beginners looking to improve their surfing skills.

With a professional instructor by your side, you’ll receive personalized guidance and feedback throughout the lesson. They’ll teach you the basics of surfing, from paddling techniques to standing up on the board. Before heading into the water, you’ll have the opportunity to practice on the beach, getting comfortable with the movements and balance required.

Once in the water, you’ll experience the thrill of catching your first waves. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience, a private surf lesson in Santa Monica guarantees a fun and unforgettable experience.


To find your way to the surf lesson meeting point in Santa Monica, keep an eye out for the classic blue VW bus with the Badass Surf School logo on it. It’s hard to miss! Once you’ve located the bus, here are some helpful tips for parking and transportation options:

  • Parking Options:

  • There’s a smaller short-term parking lot located on the north side of the meeting point. It offers parking for only $1 per hour, making it a convenient and affordable choice for surf lesson participants.

  • Alternatively, there may be street parking available nearby, but be sure to check for any parking restrictions or time limits.

  • Transportation Options:

  • If you prefer not to drive, you can request a pickup from Badass Surf School. They offer pickup points that can be selected during the booking process, allowing you to easily get to the meeting point without the hassle of finding parking.

With these parking and transportation options in mind, you’ll have no trouble making your way to the surf lesson meeting point and getting ready for an exciting day of learning to surf in Santa Monica.

Common Questions

How Many People Can Participate in a Private Surf Lesson?

Maximum participants for a private surf lesson in Santa Monica is not specified. Group rates are not mentioned either. However, you can enjoy a personalized and memorable experience with a professional instructor.

Is There an Age Restriction for Participants in the Surf Lesson?

There is no age restriction for participants in the surf lesson. People of all ages are eligible to join and learn the basics of surfing from a professional instructor in Santa Monica.

Can I Bring My Own Surfboard and Wetsuit?

Yes, participants are allowed to bring their own surfboard and wetsuit to the private surf lesson. There are no restrictions on personal equipment usage. This will ensure a comfortable and familiar experience for the participant.

Are There Any Discounts Available for Group Bookings?

Group booking benefits include discounted group rates for the private surf lesson in Santa Monica. Participants can enjoy learning to surf together, receive personalized guidance, and have a fun and unforgettable experience.

What Is the Cancellation Policy for the Private Surf Lesson?

The cancellation policy for the private surf lesson includes a full refund if canceled at least 24 hours in advance. Rescheduling options are available in case of unforeseen circumstances.

The Sum Up

To sum it up, taking a private surf lesson in Santa Monica with Badass Surf School is an exciting opportunity for beginners to learn and experience the thrill of surfing.

With personalized guidance, the use of high-quality equipment, and the beautiful coastal setting, participants are guaranteed an unforgettable adventure.

Whether looking to try something new or seeking an adrenaline rush, this two-hour lesson promises to deliver a fun and memorable experience in the heart of Santa Monica.