Step into the shoes of a time-traveling profiler and unlock the mysteries hidden in the streets of Frankfurt.

As players navigate through the city, they’ll encounter challenges that will test their wit and unravel a compelling narrative.

But what secrets lie beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered?

Join the adventure and learn about an outdoor escape game experience that promises excitement and intrigue around every corner.

Good To Know

Frankfurt: Self-Guided Outdoor Escape Game - Good To Know

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  • Enjoy a time-traveling adventure solving a mystery in Frankfurt.
  • Engage in interactive gameplay exploring iconic landmarks and uncovering a gripping crime story.
  • Utilize smartphones to solve puzzles and explore Frankfurt’s past and present.
  • Enjoy a unique outdoor experience blending mystery-solving, sightseeing, and team dynamics.

Activity Details

Frankfurt: Self-Guided Outdoor Escape Game - Activity Details

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Enjoy a thrilling outdoor escape game experience in Frankfurt, where you can step into the shoes of a time-traveling profiler to solve a captivating mystery set 25 years in the past.

When delving into the activity details, game strategies play a crucial role in deciphering clues and solving puzzles scattered across the city. To succeed, teams must rely on effective team dynamics, communication, and collaboration.

The duration of the game is approximately 2 hours, offering flexibility with free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance. Players can enjoy the adventure on their smartphones, exploring Frankfurt’s iconic landmarks while unraveling the enigmatic storyline.

Check for available starting times to embark on this engaging escapade through the city’s streets.


Frankfurt: Self-Guided Outdoor Escape Game - Experience

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Step into a thrilling time-traveling adventure as a profiler solving a captivating mystery set 25 years in the past while exploring iconic landmarks in Frankfurt. Participants will dive into a gripping crime story, seeing the history of the city while enjoying a fun sightseeing experience through an engaging escape game.

As they explore Frankfurt, they’ll have the opportunity to solve puzzles and uncover interesting facts about the city’s past and present. This outdoor escape game provides a unique way to discover the beauty of Frankfurt while engaging in a challenging and entertaining activity. It’s an ideal experience for those who enjoy both mystery-solving and exploring new destinations in a time-traveling adventure.


As participants prepare for the self-guided outdoor escape game in Frankfurt, logistics play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. To excel in the game, participants should consider their game strategy carefully. Understanding how to approach puzzles, divide tasks efficiently, and communicate effectively with team members can significantly impact the overall experience.

Team dynamics are also essential for success. Collaborating, listening to each other’s ideas, and leveraging individual strengths can lead to a more cohesive and productive team. It’s crucial to select the right participants and date, check availability, and ensure everyone has a charged smartphone with internet access.

With these logistical aspects in place, participants can focus on seeing the exciting escape game adventure.

Additional Information

Upon embarking on the self-guided outdoor escape game in Frankfurt, participants can explore a captivating city exploration experience through an interactive smartphone app. The game strategy involves solving puzzles and unraveling a thrilling crime story set 25 years in the past, immersing players in the shoes of a time-traveling profiler.

Hidden clues scattered across iconic landmarks in Frankfurt challenge players to think critically and piece together the mystery. With 24/7 customer support available, participants can enjoy the adventure independently without the need for a tour guide.

To kickstart the experience, players can begin by visiting and entering their Reference Number. Ideal for escape game enthusiasts and puzzle fans seeking a challenge, this self-guided outdoor escape game promises an engaging and interactive exploration of Frankfurt.

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Customer Reviews

The self-guided outdoor escape game in Frankfurt has garnered positive feedback from participants, offering a challenging and engaging experience. Players have appreciated the opportunity to explore gameplay while solving puzzles and unraveling a thrilling crime story set 25 years in the past.

The game allows participants to dive into the shoes of a time-traveling profiler, all while exploring iconic landmarks in Frankfurt. One satisfied player, Christian from Germany, left a verified booking on October 16, 2023, highlighting the game’s intriguing and tricky nature.

With no connection to the city required, players can fully enjoy the experience. The game has received praise for its innovative concept and ability to provide an enjoyable and interactive sightseeing adventure.


Navigating through the self-guided outdoor escape game in Frankfurt offers adventurers an immersive and interactive experience filled with mystery and excitement. Participants will encounter navigational challenges and uncover hidden clues as they make their way through the game.

To successfully navigate the escape game, players should keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Pay Attention to Landmarks: Utilize iconic landmarks in Frankfurt to guide your way and solve puzzles.

  2. Use Your Smartphone Smartly: Make sure your smartphone is charged and has internet access to access clues and hints.

  3. Stay Alert for Hidden Clues: Keep an eye out for subtle hints and hidden clues scattered throughout the city.

  4. Work as a Team: Collaborate with your fellow players to piece together the mystery and escape within the time limit.

Tips for a Successful Game

To enhance your chances of success in the self-guided outdoor escape game in Frankfurt, keen observation and effective teamwork are key elements for unraveling the thrilling mystery. Team strategies involving clear communication and delegation of tasks can significantly boost your progress. Puzzle-solving techniques such as breaking down complex riddles into smaller parts and thinking outside the box will help you overcome challenges. Here are some essential tips to excel in the game:

Tips for Success Description Example
Communication Share findings promptly "I found a clue near the fountain"
Time Management Prioritize tasks "Let’s solve the cryptic message first"
Critical Thinking Analyze clues thoroughly "This symbol might relate to the cathedral"
Collaboration Work together efficiently "Let’s combine our clues to unlock the next location"
Stay Calm Manage stress levels "Take a deep breath before tackling this puzzle"

Common Questions

Can the Outdoor Escape Game Be Played Solo or Is a Group Required?

For the outdoor escape game, players can tackle the challenge solo or in a group. While teamwork enhances the experience, solo players can strategize independently, focusing on puzzles and unraveling the mystery at their own pace.

Are There Any Age Restrictions or Recommendations for Participants?

Age restrictions are not specified, making this outdoor escape game suitable for all ages. While designed for individuals or groups, it offers a fun, engaging experience for solo players or team outings.

Is There a Time Limit to Complete the Game, or Can Players Take Their Time?

Players can enjoy time flexibility in this solo outdoor escape game. There’s no time limit, allowing player pacing and group dynamics. Participants can take their time exploring Frankfurt, solving puzzles, and unraveling the mystery at their own leisure.

Are There Any In-Game Hints or Clues Available if Players Get Stuck?

If players get stuck during the game, in-game hints and clues are available to assist them. These tools promote teamwork dynamics and encourage problem-solving strategies, enhancing the overall experience of the outdoor escape game in Frankfurt.

How Does the Game Incorporate the City’s Landmarks and History Into the Storyline?

In the storyline development, the game seamlessly weaves Frankfurt’s iconic landmarks into the mystery. Historical context enriches the experience, offering interactive elements where players engage with the city’s past, solving puzzles amidst its history.

The Sum Up

Get ready to uncover hidden secrets and solve a thrilling crime story in the vibrant city of Frankfurt with the ‘Frankfurt: Self-Guided Outdoor Escape Game’.

This two-hour adventure offers a unique and interactive experience that combines puzzle-solving with sightseeing. With the flexibility of free cancellation and the convenience of paying later, this game is perfect for those looking for a fun and engaging way to explore the city.

Don’t miss out on this exciting journey of discovery in the heart of Hessen’s bustling metropolis.