Berlin’s vibrant hostel scene offers a diverse range of options for exploring the city’s rich history, cultural attractions, and nightlife.

The article highlights the top hostels based on quality, location, price, and guest reviews. Readers will find a variety of accommodations to suit their preferences and travel style, along with practical advice on booking, reviews, and amenities.

Good To Know

  • Berlin hostels have some of the lowest prices compared to other major European cities, starting around €12-€15/night during the busy season.
  • The quality of hostels in Berlin can vary, so it’s recommended to book early, especially during the summer.
  • Some hostels in Berlin have a party vibe, while others offer a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • The best hostels in Berlin include Grand Hostel Berlin, Circus Hostel Berlin, Heart of Gold Hostel Berlin, and EastSeven Berlin Hostel.


Grand Hostel Berlin

The Grand Hostel Berlin is constantly rated as one of the best hostels in Berlin and Germany. Situated in the city center, it offers several advantages for travelers.

The hostel has a lively and welcoming atmosphere without being a party hostel, making it ideal for those seeking a comfortable and social experience. The facilities are clean and the beds are comfortable, with the added bonus of no bunk beds.

However, it’s important to note that the hostel lacks a kitchen, which may be a drawback for some guests. Plus, there’s a small mandatory fee for bed linens, and the prices at Grand Hostel Berlin are slightly higher compared to other options, such as Circus Hostel Berlin.

Circus Hostel Berlin

Surprisingly, Circus Hostel Berlin is an award-winning hostel with an on-site microbrewery. This unique feature sets it apart from other hostels in Berlin and adds to its appeal among travelers.

The hostel, which is located in a well-connected area, offers convenient access to Berlin’s major attractions. Guests can easily explore popular sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, and Checkpoint Charlie. The proximity to public transportation also makes it easy to navigate the city.

Along With its central location, Circus Hostel Berlin provides comfortable and clean facilities, with a friendly and helpful staff. While the lack of a kitchen may be a downside for some, the vibrant atmosphere and the opportunity to sample craft beers brewed on-site make up for it.

Heart of Gold Hostel Berlin

Located near major attractions, Heart of Gold Hostel Berlin offers a spacious 42-person room and solid ratings considering its low price. The hostel provides various amenities to enhance your stay. The following table highlights the amenities offered at Heart of Gold Hostel Berlin:

Amenities Pros Cons
Bar with cheap beer Affordable drinks Noisy at times
Beer garden Outdoor space for relaxation Can get crowded
Free walking tours Opportunity to explore the city Limited availability
Well-equipped kitchen Option to cook own meals Crowded during peak hours
€5 deposit for sheets and towels Ensures cleanliness of linens Additional cost

With its affordable prices and convenient location, Heart of Gold Hostel Berlin offers a budget-friendly option for travelers. However, some downsides include potential noise from the bar, limited availability of walking tours, and crowded kitchen during peak hours. Despite these drawbacks, the hostel’s solid ratings and range of amenities make it a popular choice among budget-conscious travelers.

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Situated a bit outside the center of Berlin, EastSeven Berlin Hostel offers a super chill and relaxed vibe, making it a top choice for budget travelers. The hostel provides alternative accommodation options for those looking for a more laid-back and peaceful atmosphere.

Here are three reasons why EastSeven Berlin Hostel stands out:

  • Clean facilities with great showers and beds: The hostel takes pride in maintaining a high level of cleanliness, ensuring that guests have a comfortable stay.
  • Amazing staff: The friendly and helpful staff at EastSeven Berlin Hostel go above and beyond to make guests feel welcome and provide any assistance they may need during their stay.
  • Private garden and happy hour with cheap beers: The hostel offers a private garden where guests can relax and unwind. Plus, there’s a happy hour with affordable beer prices, allowing travelers to socialize and meet new people.

While EastSeven Berlin Hostel may be located a bit outside the center of Berlin, it provides a peaceful retreat after a day of exploring Berlin’s neighborhoods.

St Christophers Berlin Hostel

St Christophers Berlin Hostel offers a cozy atmosphere and attracts groups, making it a popular choice for travelers visiting the city. Although it has a slight hotel feel, the hostel provides unique features that set it apart from others in Berlin. Located near Alexanderplatz station, St Christophers Berlin Hostel is centrally located for easy access to the city’s attractions.

However, it’s important to note that this hostel isn’t as social as some others, making it suitable for those looking for a quieter stay. Unfortunately, St Christophers Berlin Hostel doesn’t have a kitchen available, which may be a drawback for some guests.

In terms of prices and amenities, St Christophers Berlin Hostel is slightly more expensive compared to other options in the city.

MEININGER Berlin Mitte Humboldthaus Hostel

The MEININGER Berlin Mitte Humboldthaus Hostel isn’t particularly social, catering more towards travelers seeking a clean and quiet place to stay. While it may not be the most social hostel, it offers a comfortable and peaceful environment for those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere.

Here are some key points about the MEININGER Berlin Mitte Humboldthaus Hostel:

  • Nearby attractions and sightseeing options near MEININGER Berlin Mitte Humboldthaus Hostel include the Museum Island, Alexanderplatz, and the Berlin Cathedral. Guests can easily explore these iconic landmarks and enjoy the city’s rich history and culture.
  • In terms of prices and amenities, MEININGER Berlin Mitte Humboldthaus Hostel offers competitive rates starting around €32 per night. While it may not have a bar or extensive common areas, it compensates with clean facilities and a convenient location in the heart of Berlin.
  • When comparing MEININGER Berlin Mitte Humboldthaus Hostel with other hostels in Berlin, it stands out for its quiet and peaceful environment. However, solo travelers seeking a more social atmosphere may find other hostels in the city more suitable for their needs.

Eastener Hostel Berlin

With its affordable rates and well-equipped kitchen, Eastener Hostel Berlin provides a convenient and budget-friendly option for travelers. The hostel offers clean and comfortable facilities, including spacious rooms and great showers.

The staff is known for being amazing and the atmosphere is super chill and relaxed, making it a great choice for those seeking a laid-back experience. The hostel also has a private garden and happy hour with cheap beers, adding to its appeal.

In terms of location, Eastener Hostel Berlin is situated in a great part of the city, although it’s a bit outside the center of Berlin.

Additional Travel Advice and Information

When planning a trip to Berlin, backpackers should consider exploring the helpful Berlin travel advice and information available to enhance their experience.

One important aspect to consider is obtaining a prepaid SIM card with mobile data. Having a high-speed internet connection on the go can be essential for navigation, communication, and accessing travel resources.

Plus, it’s important to familiarize oneself with hostel etiquette. Understanding the unwritten rules of staying in a hostel, such as being respectful of others, keeping noise levels down, and cleaning up after oneself, can contribute to a positive and harmonious hostel experience.

Helpful Berlin Travel Advice

For travelers visiting Berlin, it is essential to gather helpful travel advice before embarking on their journey. Berlin offers a stack of sightseeing recommendations and local restaurants that are worth exploring. To make the most of their time in the city, travelers should consider visiting iconic landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall Memorial, and the Reichstag Building.

These attractions provide a glimpse into Berlin’s rich history and culture. Plus, exploring the vibrant food scene is a must-do for foodies. Some of the best local restaurants in Berlin include Curry 36 for delicious currywurst, Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap for mouthwatering kebabs, and Burgermeister for tasty burgers. By following these recommendations, travelers can have an unforgettable experience in Berlin.

Berlin Sightseeing Recommendations Best Local Restaurants in Berlin
Brandenburg Gate Curry 36
Berlin Wall Memorial Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap
Reichstag Building Burgermeister

Backpacking Europe Packing List

Occasionally, backpackers may find themselves unsure of what to pack when traveling to Europe. To help alleviate any concerns, here are some suggestions for the backpacking Europe packing list:

  • Comfortable and stylish travel shoes: It’s important to have a pair of shoes that are suitable for walking long distances and exploring the cities of Europe.
  • Travel backpack: Look for a backpack that’s durable, spacious, and designed specifically for travel in Europe.
  • Travel insurance: Protect yourself and your belongings by investing in a reliable travel insurance policy.

When staying at hostels in Europe, it’s important to consider the hostel amenities and budget-friendly attractions in the area. This will help ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience while backpacking through Europe.

Berlin Hostel Prices

The Berlin hostel prices are generally lower compared to other major European cities. During the busy season, the cheapest hostels in Berlin start around €12-€15 per night, but they may have lower ratings.

For a high-rated hostel in the city center, expect to pay around €20-€35 per night. Prices tend to rise on the weekend, particularly on Friday and Saturday. It’s recommended to check Hostelworld for exact prices for your specific dates.

When comparing Berlin hostel prices, it’s important to consider both peak and off-peak seasons. Off-peak seasons often offer discounts of 20% or more compared to busy seasons.

To book the best-rated hostels in Berlin, it’s advisable to book early, as the top-rated hostels tend to get booked up quickly, especially during the summer. Plus, read reviews to match your travel style, as some hostels in Berlin have a party vibe while others are more relaxed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Hostels in Berlin That Offer a Kitchen for Guests to Use?

Yes, there are hostels in Berlin that offer cooking facilities for guests to use. Having a kitchen in a hostel allows travelers to save money by preparing their own meals and provides a convenient option for those with dietary restrictions.

Which Hostel in Berlin Is Known for Its Party Atmosphere?

One of the best party hostels in Berlin is [hostel name]. It offers a lively atmosphere, with a bar and events for backpackers. However, it’s important to follow top tips for staying safe in Berlin’s party hostels. Plus, it is also considered one of the best party hostels in Europe for backpackers.

Is There a Hostel in Berlin That Has a Private Garden?

Yes, there is a hostel in Berlin that has a private garden. This hidden gem in Berlin’s hostel scene offers a tranquil outdoor space for guests to relax and unwind.

Are There Any Hostels in Berlin That Offer Free Walking Tours?

Free walking tours in hostels offer advantages in enhancing the hostel experience. They provide a chance to explore the city, learn about its history, and meet fellow travelers. It’s a great way to discover Berlin’s attractions and gain local insights.

The Sum Up

To sum it up, the article ‘Best Hostels in Berlin: The Backpacker’s Guide to Berlin Hostels’ is a valuable resource for budget travelers looking for affordable accommodation options in Berlin.

It provides detailed insights and recommendations on the top hostels in the city based on factors such as quality, location, price, and guest reviews.

With practical advice on booking and understanding hostel facilities, readers can make informed decisions and enjoy a comfortable stay while exploring Berlin’s rich history, cultural attractions, and vibrant nightlife.

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