Did you know that Giacomo Casanova, the infamous Venetian adventurer, visited over 120 cities during his lifetime?

Set out on a private tour of Casanova sites in Venice and uncover the secrets of his scandalous escapades.

As you wander through the labyrinthine alleys and waterways of this romantic city, you’ll follow in the footsteps of one of history’s most enigmatic figures.

Stay tuned to discover how this exclusive tour offers a glimpse into the hidden corners of Casanova’s world, promising an unforgettable journey through the captivating streets of Venice.

Good To Know

Venice: Private Tour of Casanova Sites - Good To Know

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  • Retrace Casanova’s life and adventures in Venice
  • Explore 18th-century Venice traditions and characters
  • Enjoy Venetian appetizers at a typical Osteria
  • Experience Venice through Casanova’s eyes on a gondola ride

Tour Details

Venice: Private Tour of Casanova Sites - Tour Details

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Discover the essential details of the private tour of Casanova sites in Venice.

Explore Casanova’s legacy and gain historical tour insights during this 2-hour experience priced from €259 per group of up to 10 people. Languages offered include Spanish, English, Italian, French, and German. The meeting point is under the Clock Tower in St. Marks Square.

Highlights of the tour include retracing Casanova’s life and adventures, discovering 18th-century Venice traditions, and tasting Venetian appetizers at Osteria Ae do Spade.

The tour includes a guided tour, entrance tickets, and the Osteria tasting. It’s important to note that there’s a maximum of 10 people per tour, free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, and the option to pay later for the tour.


Venice: Private Tour of Casanova Sites - Description

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Enjoy the captivating world of Giacomo Casanova as you journey through key locations in his life and unravel the intriguing history of 18th-century Venice.

Explore the life of the infamous Casanova, visiting crucial sites that shaped his story. Learn about the vibrant characters and rich history of Venice while enjoying a delightful Venetian appetizer at a typical Osteria.

Glide across the Grand Canal in a romantic gondola, soaking in the enchanting atmosphere of the city. Your guide will regale you with fascinating stories about Casanova as you visit Palazzo Bragadin, Campo Santa Maria Formosa, and even the historic red light district of Castelletto.

Experience Venice’s charm through the eyes of this legendary figure.

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Venice: Private Tour of Casanova Sites - Reservation

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Upon reserving a spot for the private tour of Casanova sites in Venice, travelers can secure their booking without any immediate payment required. This flexibility allows visitors to plan their travel itinerary without financial commitment upfront. The tour offers convenient payment options, ensuring a hassle-free booking process. Whether guests choose to pay in advance or closer to the tour date, the reservation system accommodates various preferences. Plus, this feature enables individuals to adjust their scheduling based on personal needs and availability. The table below summarizes the key points related to reservation, emphasizing the tour’s commitment to providing a seamless and customer-centric experience.

Flexible Scheduling Yes
Payment Options Reserve now & pay later

Meeting Point

Venice: Private Tour of Casanova Sites - Meeting Point

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After securing a spot for the private tour of Casanova sites in Venice without immediate payment, visitors will find the meeting point conveniently located under the Clock Tower in St. Marks Square. This iconic location serves as the perfect starting point for an adventure through the romantic streets of Venice. Here, travelers can enjoy the history and intrigue of Casanova’s life while enjoying the bustling atmosphere of one of the city’s most famous squares.

  • Nearby attractions: Explore St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace after the tour.

  • Local cuisine: Indulge in traditional Venetian dishes at nearby restaurants.

  • Charming ambiance: Experience the vibrant energy of St. Mark’s Square before delving into Casanova’s world.

How To Reserve: After reading our review you can go to GetYourGuide to reserve. There you can read more reviews and save your spot now for free. The button at the base of this page will take you to the official listing on GetYourGuide.

Important Information

For essential details about the private tour of Casanova sites in Venice, visitors should take note of the following key information.

The tour has a maximum capacity of 10 participants, ensuring an intimate experience. Guests benefit from a free cancellation policy, allowing refunds if canceled up to 24 hours before the tour commences. Payment options are convenient, with the ability to reserve now and pay later.

Plus, participants should be aware that the Traghetto fare isn’t included in the tour price and needs to be paid on the spot. The meeting point for the tour is located under the Clock Tower in St. Marks Square, offering a central and easily accessible starting point for this captivating journey through Casanova’s Venice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Dress up in 18th-Century Attire for the Tour?

Yes, visitors can enjoy the 18th-century world by dressing up in historical attire for the tour. Experience a unique historical reenactment while exploring Casanova’s sites in Venice, adding a touch of authenticity to the adventure.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for This Tour?

There are no age restrictions for this engaging tour experience exploring Casanova sites and their historical significance. Participants of all ages can enjoy retracing Casanova’s life, tasting Venetian delicacies, and learning about 18th-century Venice.

Is the Gondola Ride Included in the Price of the Tour?

The gondola ride is not included in the price of the tour. However, visitors can experience Venetian romance by adding this optional activity. Gondola etiquette and tourist misconceptions often fuel the allure of historical romance in Venice.

Are There Any Specific Souvenirs Related to Casanova That We Can Purchase During the Tour?

During the private tour of Casanova sites, visitors can explore historical artifacts, Venetian treasures, and unique gifts related to Casanova. The tour offers a chance to purchase Casanova memorabilia, providing a memorable experience for attendees.

Can We Request a Specific Language for the Tour Guide if It’s Not Listed in the Languages Offered?

If the listed languages don’t suit, guests can request a preferred language. Guides are adept in overcoming communication barriers. Language preferences can often be accommodated to enhance the tour experience and ensure effective communication.

The Sum Up

Experience the magic and mystery of 18th-century Venice with a private tour of Casanova sites. Discover the hidden treasures of this enchanting city as you follow in the footsteps of the legendary Giacomo Casanova.

Enjoy the rich history and culture of Venice, and indulge in a tantalizing Venetian appetizer experience at a traditional Osteria.

Unravel the secrets of Casanova’s world and create unforgettable memories on this exclusive exploration of Venice.

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