Experience the beauty and cultural richness of Sri Lanka on a luxurious 11-night, 12-day guided tour. Operated by SkyFeather Holidays, this immersive adventure promises an unforgettable journey through enchanting destinations like Sigiriya, Kandy, and Bentota.

With comfortable accommodations, delectable meals, and a range of activities, guests will create lasting memories in the captivating landscapes of Sri Lanka. Embark on this private tour by mini-coach and discover the wonders of this enchanting island.

Good To Know

Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach - Good To Know

  • The tour is non-refundable and cannot be changed, so travelers should carefully consider their plans before booking.
  • The tour is operated by SkyFeather Holidays.
  • The tour includes accommodations at various hotels and resorts throughout the 11 nights.
  • The tour includes meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Booking and Travel Information

Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach - Booking and Travel Information

Travelers can easily book and secure their spot on the Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach by selecting their preferred date and number of travelers. This tour offers a comprehensive itinerary that explores the beauty and culture of Sri Lanka.

However, it’s important to be aware of the cancellation policy. The experience is non-refundable and can’t be changed, so it’s crucial to plan accordingly.

Plus, airport transfer arrangements can be made for those who require accommodation with airport transfer. This ensures a seamless journey from the airport to the designated hotel.

Itinerary and Accommodation

Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach - Itinerary and Accommodation

When does the tour start and what’re the accommodations provided throughout the Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach?

The tour begins with an arrival at Comombo Airport (CMB) where guests are transferred to a hotel in Negombo. The first day includes a stop at Negombo Beach for three hours, with the admission ticket included. Guests will then stay overnight at a Beach Resort in Negombo.

Throughout the tour, the group will stay two nights at a 4-Star hotel in either Sigiriya or Habarana. In Kandy, the group will stay at Hotel Thilanka or a similar hotel near the temple of tooth relic. For two nights, guests will enjoy one of the best hotels with a swimming pool in Haputale. The second night will be spent in Ella or Haputale, and the final night will be at a luxury beach resort in Bentota.

Meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are provided throughout the tour. On the last day, guests will be transferred from Bentota to the airport on a tour bus. Accommodation for that night isn’t included, but arrangements can be made for a place with an airport transfer.

Reviews and Ratings

Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach - Reviews and Ratings

Visitors have given the Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach an overall rating of 5.0 stars based on 15 reviews from Viator and Tripadvisor. Here is a breakdown of the reviews:

  1. 5 stars: Many reviewers praised the tour for its luxurious accommodations and well-planned itinerary.

  2. 4 stars: Some reviewers mentioned minor issues like communication with the local provider, but overall enjoyed their experience.

  3. 3 stars: A few reviewers had mixed feelings about certain aspects of the tour, such as the included meals.

  4. 2 stars: Only a couple of reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with the tour, citing issues with the transportation or guides.

  5. 1 star: No reviewers gave the tour a 1-star rating.

Based on the overwhelming positive reviews, the Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach comes highly recommended. Travelers can expect a top-notch experience with comfortable accommodations, knowledgeable guides, and a well-organized itinerary. It’s a great choice for those seeking a luxurious and hassle-free vacation in Sri Lanka.

Additional Information

Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach - Additional Information

Within the article titled ‘Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach’, pertinent additional information can be found. For travelers interested in this tour, it is important to know what to pack and when is the best time to visit Sri Lanka.

What to pack Best time to visit
– Lightweight, breathable clothing – November to April
– Comfortable walking shoes – December to March
– Sunscreen and hat – July and August
– Insect repellent – May to September

When packing for this luxury guided tour, it is recommended to bring lightweight and breathable clothing, as Sri Lanka has a tropical climate. Comfortable walking shoes are also essential for exploring various sites throughout the trip. Don’t forget essentials such as sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent to protect yourself from the sun and bugs.

The best time to visit Sri Lanka for this tour is from November to April, when the weather is generally dry and pleasant. December to March is particularly ideal for beach activities and exploring the cultural sites. However, if you prefer cooler temperatures, July and August are the best months to visit the hill country. On the other hand, May to September is considered the off-peak season due to the monsoon rains, but it can still be a rewarding time to visit for those seeking a more budget-friendly experience.

Contact and Legal Information

Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach - Contact and Legal Information

For travelers interested in the Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach, it’s important to have access to contact and legal information. Here are some key details to keep in mind:

  1. Legal requirements: It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the legal requirements for traveling to Sri Lanka. Ensure that you have the necessary visas and travel documents before embarking on the tour.

  2. Customer support: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the tour, it’s crucial to have reliable customer support. Contact the tour operator, SkyFeather Holidays, for assistance and clarification.

  3. Terms and Conditions: Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions set by the tour operator. This includes information on cancellations, refunds, and weather-dependent activities.

  4. Contact information: If you need to get in touch with the tour operator or have any queries, you can reach out to Viator They can provide further assistance and address any legal or contact-related concerns.


Continuing the discussion from the previous points, it’s important for travelers on the Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach to have clear and precise directions for their itinerary. Local transportation options are readily available for sightseeing purposes.

The tour provides pickup from Airport hotels within a 5km radius of Negombo, making it convenient for travelers to start their journey. From there, the itinerary takes travelers to various destinations such as Negombo Beach, Sigiriya, Habarana, Kandy, Haputale, Ella, and Bentota. Each stop offers unique sightseeing options and experiences.

Travelers can expect to visit tea plantations, witness the stunning Nine Arches Bridge, and enjoy the luxury of a beach resort in Bentota. The tour concludes with a transfer from Bentota to the airport on a comfortable tour bus.

With these clear directions and local transportation options, travelers can fully enjoy the beauty of Sri Lanka.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Cost of the ‘Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach’?

The cost of the Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach can be found by comparing prices from different providers. Guided tours offer the benefit of convenience, expert knowledge, and a hassle-free travel experience.

Are Flights Included in the Tour Package?

Flights are included in the tour package, providing convenient transportation options. Travelers can relax and enjoy the luxury guided tour by mini-coach without the hassle of arranging separate flights.

Can I Customize the Itinerary According to My Preferences?

Yes, the itinerary can be customized according to personal preferences. There are customization options available to tailor the tour to individual needs and make it a personalized experience.

Is Travel Insurance Included in the Tour Package?

Travel insurance is not included in the tour package. It is important to have travel insurance for guided tours, as it provides coverage for unforeseen circumstances. Factors to consider when choosing travel insurance include coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost or stolen belongings.

Are There Any Optional Activities or Excursions That I Can Add to the Itinerary?

Yes, there are optional activities and additional excursions that can be added to the itinerary. Travelers have the opportunity to enhance their experience by participating in various activities and exploring more of Sri Lanka’s attractions.

The Sum Up

Sri Lanka 11 Nights -12 Days Luxury Guided Tour by Mini-Coach - The Sum Up

Experience the ultimate luxury guided tour of Sri Lanka with SkyFeather Holidays. From the moment you arrive at Colombo Airport, you’ll be greeted with warm hospitality and taken on a journey through the country’s most breathtaking destinations.

With comfortable accommodations, delicious meals, and a range of activities, this 11-night, 12-day adventure promises an unforgettable experience.

Don’t miss your chance to explore the beauty and cultural richness of Sri Lanka on this exclusive tour. Book now and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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