Did you know that Seymour North Island and Las Bachas in Santa Cruz, Ecuador, are home to some of the most diverse and captivating ecosystems in the Galapagos Islands?

Imagine a day where you can witness the iconic blue-footed boobies in their natural habitat, swim alongside colorful marine life, and relax on pristine beaches.

This full-day tour not only offers a chance to learn about nature but also provides a seamless experience with knowledgeable guides and convenient inclusions.

Get ready to uncover the hidden treasures of these enchanting islands and create unforgettable memories in this unique corner of the world.

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Good To Know

Seymour North Island & Las Bachas Full-Day Tour - Good To Know

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  • Full-day tour to Seymour North Island for hiking, bird watching, and snorkeling
  • Inclusions: Hotel pickup, lunch, snorkeling equipment, bilingual guide
  • Mixed reviews on confirmation process and experience, host addresses concerns
  • Starting from $378 with flexible booking, lowest price guarantee, and free cancellation up to 24 hours before

Tour Details

Seymour North Island & Las Bachas Full-Day Tour - Tour Details

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Embark on the Seymour North Island & Las Bachas Full-Day Tour in Santa Cruz, Ecuador, for a thrilling day filled with exploration and adventure. This tour offers exciting activities like bird watching and snorkeling adventures.

Get ready to witness the vibrant birdlife of the Galapagos Islands as you spot blue-footed boobies and other exotic bird species in their natural habitat. Dive into the crystal-clear waters for unforgettable snorkeling experiences, where you can encounter marine wonders up close.

The tour includes hotel pickup, round-trip transportation, bilingual guides, and snorkeling equipment, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the beauty of Seymour North Island and Las Bachas while engaging in thrilling activities that showcase the best of Ecuador’s wildlife and marine ecosystems.

Itinerary Highlights

Exploring lush Palo Santo trees, encountering blue-footed boobies, and snorkeling in crystal-clear waters are some of the exhilarating highlights awaiting you on the Seymour North Island & Las Bachas Full-Day Tour in Santa Cruz, Ecuador.

  • Wildlife Encounters: Get up close with unique Galapagos wildlife, including blue-footed boobies and sea lions.
  • Coastal Exploration: Wander along pristine beaches and enjoy panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Snorkeling Adventures: Dive into the vibrant underwater world filled with colorful fish and marine life.
  • Nature Walks: Enjoy the beauty of Palo Santo trees and lush landscapes while learning about the island’s ecosystem.

Embark on this unforgettable journey to witness the wonders of nature in a setting like no other.

Meeting and Pickup Information

Seymour North Island & Las Bachas Full-Day Tour - Meeting and Pickup Information

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Upon booking the Seymour North Island & Las Bachas Full-Day Tour, travelers will receive detailed meeting and pickup information for a seamless start to their adventure in Santa Cruz, Ecuador. The meeting point is at Puerto Ayora, Ecuador, with pickups from the lobby of any hotel in the urban perimeter of Puerto Ayora starting at 7:00 am. Transportation logistics are efficiently organized with round-trip transport included.

From here, the tour departs at 7:30 am, cruising to Seymour North Island for a day filled with exploring Palo Santo trees, spotting blue-footed boobies, sea lions, and enjoying coastal walks. Guests will have the chance to witness incredible local wildlife sightings and engage in activities like hiking, bird watching, swimming, and snorkeling before ending the day back at the meeting point.

Additional Information and Recommendations

Seymour North Island & Las Bachas Full-Day Tour - Additional Information and Recommendations

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Additional insights and helpful tips await travelers embarking on the Seymour North Island & Las Bachas Full-Day Tour in Santa Cruz, Ecuador. When preparing for this adventure, remember the following:

  • Sporty Attire: Ensure you wear comfortable and sporty attire suitable for activities like hiking and snorkeling.

  • Passport Requirements: Don’t forget to bring your passport details as they may be required for certain parts of the tour.

  • Comfortable Shoes: Opt for closed shoes that provide good support for walking and hiking on uneven terrain.

  • Traveler Suitability: This tour may not be suitable for all travelers, so make sure you’re comfortable with activities like swimming and moderate physical exertion.

Price and Booking Details

Seymour North Island & Las Bachas Full-Day Tour - Price and Booking Details

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To secure your spot on the Seymour North Island & Las Bachas Full-Day Tour in Santa Cruz, Ecuador, simply reserve now and pay later for a starting price of $378.00. The booking process is straightforward, allowing you to secure your place with ease. Pricing options are flexible, offering you the convenience of reserving without immediate payment.

You can check availability and book online, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The tour guarantees the lowest price, giving you peace of mind when making your reservation. Take advantage of the ‘Reserve Now and Pay Later’ option to lock in your adventure to Seymour North Island and Las Bachas without delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participating in the Seymour North Island & Las Bachas Full-Day Tour?

Age restrictions for the tour require children to be accompanied by an adult. The tour also enforces a sporty dress code and requests passport details. Comfortable closed shoes are recommended, but certain travelers may find it challenging.

Are There Any Restroom Facilities Available on Seymour North Island?

Restroom facilities on Seymour North Island are limited, with basic options available. Accessibility may vary, with some areas having more convenient access than others. Visitors should plan accordingly and use the facilities when available.

Is There a Specific Dress Code Required for the Tour?

For the tour, a casual and sporty dress code is recommended. Travelers should wear comfortable closed shoes suitable for hiking and exploring the island. Given the warm weather conditions, light and breathable clothing is advised for a pleasant experience.

Are There Any Photography Restrictions on Seymour North Island?

Photography regulations on Seymour North Island restrict drone usage to preserve wildlife and maintain serenity. Visitors can capture stunning views of blue-footed boobies and sea lions but must adhere to guidelines ensuring conservation and respect.

Are There Any Opportunities for Souvenir Shopping During the Tour?

During the tour, visitors can explore local crafts and traditional souvenirs at designated stops. These opportunities provide a chance to acquire unique items as mementos of the journey, adding a touch of Ecuadorian culture to the experience.

The Sum Up

Experience the magic of the Galapagos Islands on the Seymour North Island & Las Bachas Full-Day Tour.

Explore pristine beaches, encounter fascinating wildlife, and learn about the beauty of this unique ecosystem.

With expert guides, convenient inclusions, and a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, this tour offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike.

Don’t miss out on this captivating journey through the wonders of Santa Cruz, Ecuador.