Set out on a journey that merges cutting-edge technology with the allure of Martha’s Vineyard’s Oak Bluffs. As travelers venture through this historic town, a world of stories and secrets unfolds with each step.

But what exactly makes this audio tour a must-do experience for visitors seeking a deeper connection to the island’s past and present? The answer lies in the seamless fusion of modern convenience and timeless charm, promising an adventure that goes beyond the ordinary.

Good To Know

Oak Bluffs: Martha's Vineyard GPS Smartphone Audio Tour - Good To Know

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  • Explore Martha’s Vineyard’s rich history and evolution to a tourist destination.
  • Enjoy local cuisine, signature drinks, and souvenir shopping.
  • Immerse in the town’s culture and history along the coastline.
  • Experience a flexible 1.5-hour GPS audio tour starting at Ocean Park bandstand.

Tour Details

Oak Bluffs: Martha's Vineyard GPS Smartphone Audio Tour - Tour Details

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Embark on an exciting exploration of Martha’s Vineyard with the GPS Smartphone Audio Tour. Enjoy the island’s rich history and captivating landscapes. This tour offers numerous benefits, including free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, a 1.5-hour duration with flexible starting times, and an informative audio guide in English. Participants can enjoy wheelchair accessibility and gain local insights into the town’s transformation from a religious colony to a popular tourist destination.

Learn about the island’s history while walking along the beautiful coastline and savoring the signature drink at the final stop. With GPS-enabled directions for easy navigation, visitors can explore at their own pace, experiencing the town’s charm and unique offerings.

Experience Highlights

Oak Bluffs: Martha's Vineyard GPS Smartphone Audio Tour - Experience Highlights

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Stroll along the island’s picturesque coastline, discovering its rich history and enjoying its unique offerings. As you embark on this audio tour adventure, you’ll uncover hidden gems and sightseeing tips that will enhance your experience in Oak Bluffs.

Learn about the town’s evolution from a religious colony to a vibrant tourist destination, while savoring the local cuisine and signature drinks along the way. Make sure to stop for some souvenir shopping to commemorate your journey.

With GPS-enabled directions guiding you effortlessly, you can explore at your own pace and learn about the charm of this seaside town. This tour promises an engaging and informative exploration of Oak Bluffs, making it a must-do activity for visitors of all ages.

Participant Information

Discover essential information for participants looking to join the Martha’s Vineyard GPS Smartphone Audio Tour, including age suitability, meeting point details, and required items for a seamless experience. Suitable for participants aged 6 years and above, this adventure starts at the bandstand in Ocean Park.

To fully enjoy the tour, bring a charged smartphone, headphones, and the downloaded app. The GPS-enabled turn-by-turn directions allow flexibility to start the tour at any time.

Ensuring a smooth experience, the meeting point provides a central location to kick off the exploration of Oak Bluffs. Participants will explore the town’s history and culture, making memories along the beautiful coastline.

Get set for an immersive journey through Martha’s Vineyard!

Important Details

Prepare for an immersive journey through Martha’s Vineyard with these essential details to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Accessibility Options Audio Guide Features
– Wheelchair accessible – Includes transportation and live guide
– Not suitable for children under 6 and those with mobility impairments Tour duration is 60-90 minutes
– No internet needed once tour is downloaded

Exploring Martha’s Vineyard with the GPS Smartphone Audio Tour offers accessibility options for all visitors. The audio guide features include transportation and a live guide, ensuring an informative and engaging experience. Keep in mind the tour’s duration of 60-90 minutes, making it a perfect activity to fit into your day on the island. Enjoy the tour hassle-free without the need for an internet connection once the audio guide is downloaded.

How To Reserve: This tour can be booked on GetYourGuide. They have a great cancellation policy which means you can save your spot now and can cancel for free right up to the day before.

Reservation Information

Embark on your Martha’s Vineyard adventure by reserving your spot for the GPS Smartphone Audio Tour in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, offering a seamless and flexible experience with free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance. Payment options allow you to reserve now and pay later, keeping your travel plans flexible.

A gift option is available with product ID: 456243. Located in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, this tour provides the perfect opportunity to explore things to do in the area, such as visiting the iconic Flying Horses Carousel.

Secure your spot today and get ready to learn about the rich history and beauty of Martha’s Vineyard while enjoying the convenience of GPS-enabled directions and a captivating audio guide.


Navigate the enchanting lanes of Martha’s Vineyard with ease using the GPS-enabled directions provided on the Smartphone Audio Tour. The tour offers informative audio commentary along with turn-by-turn directions to guide you through the charming town of Oak Bluffs. Whether you’re strolling along the coastline or exploring the historical landmarks, the GPS navigation ensures you won’t miss a beat. Take control of your adventure and learn about the rich history and culture of this vibrant destination. Check out the table below for a glimpse of what to expect:

Direction Description Benefits
Turn left Head towards the iconic Gingerbread Cottages Learn about the architectural history
Continue straight Pass by the famous Ocean Park Enjoy the scenic views and open spaces
Turn right Reach the charming Inkwell Beach Relax and soak up the sun
Final destination Arrive at the historic Flying Horses Carousel Experience a piece of local tradition

Common Questions

Are Pets Allowed on the Oak Bluffs GPS Smartphone Audio Tour?

Pet friendly accommodations are not available on the Oak Bluffs GPS Smartphone Audio Tour. For outdoor pet etiquette, guests should make alternate arrangements for their furry companions to enjoy the tour experience.

Is There a Recommended Time of Day to Take the Tour for the Best Experience?

For the best experience on the tour, they recommend morning exploration to avoid crowds and enjoy the sights. Consider weather conditions for comfort. Sunset viewing can offer a picturesque finale. Tour timing impacts ambiance and photo opportunities for visitors.

Are There Any Restroom Facilities Along the Tour Route?

Restroom availability is limited along the tour route. It’s recommended to use facilities before starting. The tour duration is 1.5 hours. Participants can enjoy the experience fully by planning ahead for restroom breaks during the adventure.

Can the Audio Tour Be Paused and Resumed at a Later Time?

Yes, the audio tour can be paused and resumed at a later time, providing tour flexibility and allowing users to better manage their time. This app functionality enhances the user experience, making it convenient and enjoyable.

Is There a Recommended Dress Code or Attire for the Tour, Especially in Terms of Weather Conditions?

For the tour, a relaxed dress code is recommended, along with comfortable shoes for walking. Considering weather changes, layered clothing is advised. Guests will enjoy the adventure more when dressed comfortably and prepared for any conditions.

The Sum Up

Don’t miss out on the chance to embark on this thrilling adventure through Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard with the GPS Smartphone Audio Tour.

Explore the town at your own pace, uncovering its history and culture while enjoying stunning sights along the way.

Reserve your spot now for an unforgettable experience that combines entertainment and education for all ages.

Get set for an immersive journey through this charming destination like never before!