Located in the stunning Himalayas of Nepal, the Manaslu Circuit Trek offers an enticing adventure for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience. With its untouched trail and remote landscapes, this trek provides a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of the eighth highest mountain in the world, Mount Manaslu.

As trekkers embark on this journey, they can escape the crowds often found on more popular routes and enjoy the pristine surroundings. But what makes this trek truly special? Well, did you know that the Manaslu Circuit Trek was opened to travelers only in 1992? This fascinating statistic highlights the exclusivity and untamed nature of this trail.

Curious to know more? Join us as we explore the details of this extraordinary adventure.

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Good To Know

Manaslu Circuit Trek - Untouched Trail - Good To Know

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  • The Manaslu Circuit Trek includes provision of trekking equipment, acclimatization process with rest days, professional guides, necessary paperwork and permits, and twin-sharing tea house accommodation.
  • Personal expenses, entrance fees, emergency rescue costs, and tipping are not included in the trek package and are additional costs.
  • The trek includes pickup at the airport in Kathmandu, hassle-free coordination, assistance with luggage, and a cancellation policy with a full refund up to 24 hours in advance.
  • The Manaslu Circuit Trek offers stunning untouched landscapes, majestic mountains, remote villages with unique culture, and the best time to trek is during spring and autumn seasons.

Trek Inclusions

Manaslu Circuit Trek - Untouched Trail - Trek Inclusions

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The Manaslu Circuit Trek offers a range of exciting inclusions that make your trekking experience comfortable and hassle-free.

One of the key inclusions is the provision of trekking equipment. Before starting the trek, trekkers are provided with essential gear such as sleeping bags, trekking poles, and down jackets. This ensures that they’re well-prepared and equipped to face the challenges of the trail.

Another important inclusion is the acclimatization process. This involves taking rest days at certain points during the trek to allow the body to adjust to the high altitude. This is crucial in preventing altitude sickness and ensuring a safe and enjoyable trekking experience.

The professional guides accompanying the trekkers are experienced in managing the acclimatization process and providing guidance and support throughout the trek.

With these inclusions, the Manaslu Circuit Trek ensures that trekkers have the necessary equipment and support to fully enjoy the adventure.

What’s Included

Manaslu Circuit Trek - Untouched Trail - Whats Included

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As trekkers embark on the Manaslu Circuit Trek, they can look forward to an array of exciting inclusions that enhance their journey through the untouched trail. Visa requirements are taken care of, ensuring a smooth entry into Nepal.

Plus, emergency services are provided to ensure the safety and well-being of the trekkers.

Twin-sharing tea house accommodation is arranged throughout the trek, offering a comfortable resting place after a day of adventure.

All necessary paperwork, including special permits and TIMS, are also taken care of, allowing trekkers to focus on enjoying the natural beauty around them.

An experienced and English-speaking trekking guide is also included, providing valuable insights and assistance throughout the journey.

With these inclusions, trekkers can embark on the Manaslu Circuit Trek with peace of mind, knowing that their needs are well taken care of.


Guests should be aware of the exclusions that are not covered in the Manaslu Circuit Trek package in order to plan and budget accordingly for their adventure. Here are some discussion ideas about ‘exclusions’ that are not relevant to the other subtopics listed above:

  1. Additional costs:

    • Personal expenses such as bar bills, laundry, phone calls, internet, hot shower, and drinking water are not included in the package.
    • Entrance fees for Kathmandu sightseeing spots are not covered.
  2. Unexpected expenses:

    • Emergency rescue costs are not included in the package. It is important to have travel insurance that covers emergency rescue services.
    • Tipping for the guide, porters, and other staff members is not included.

To help you visualize the exclusions, here is a table outlining what is not covered in the package:

Personal expenses
Entrance fees for sightseeing spots
Emergency rescue costs
Tipping for guide, porters, and others

Meeting and Pickup

Manaslu Circuit Trek - Untouched Trail - Meeting and Pickup

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Upon arrival in Kathmandu, adventurers embarking on the Manaslu Circuit Trek will be greeted by their experienced and English-speaking trekking guide for a seamless pickup and introduction to the breathtaking journey that lies ahead. Here are some important details regarding the meeting and pickup process:

  1. Pickup locations: The trekking guide will meet the adventurers at the airport in Kathmandu. They’ll be waiting with a warm welcome and a sign displaying the adventurers’ names. From there, they’ll arrange transportation to the hotel where the adventurers will stay before the trek begins.

  2. Pickup details: The pickup will be well-coordinated and hassle-free. The guide will ensure that the adventurers’ arrival is met with efficiency and professionalism. They’ll assist with any luggage and provide any necessary information or guidance.

  3. Cancellation policy: It’s important to note the cancellation policy for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. A full refund is available for cancellations made up to 24 hours in advance of the experience’s start time. However, no refund will be provided for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the start time.

  4. Seamless experience: The pickup and introduction to the trek are designed to make the adventurers feel comfortable and excited for the journey ahead. The experienced guide will be there every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience from the very beginning.

Reviews and Pricing

Manaslu Circuit Trek - Untouched Trail - Reviews and Pricing

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After a seamless pickup and introduction to the breathtaking Manaslu Circuit Trek, adventurers can’t wait to share their incredible experiences and review the pricing options for this unforgettable journey. Traveler experiences on the Manaslu Circuit Trek have been overwhelmingly positive, with many hailing it as one of the best treks in Nepal. To give you a better understanding of the trek’s popularity and pricing options, here is a table showcasing the total review count and overall rating based on Viator and Tripadvisor reviews:

Rating 5 Stars 4 Stars
Number of Reviews 45 18

As for the pricing, the Manaslu Circuit Trek starts from $1,350.00, which includes twin-sharing tea house accommodation, ground transportation, necessary permits, an experienced trekking guide, and emergency rescue service. It’s important to note that additional costs such as personal expenses, tipping, and entrance fees in Kathmandu sightseeing spots are not included. When comparing the cost to the incredible experiences and breathtaking views, adventurers agree that the Manaslu Circuit Trek is worth every penny.

Trek Highlights

Manaslu Circuit Trek - Untouched Trail - Trek Highlights

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The trek highlights of the Manaslu Circuit Trek will leave adventurers in awe as they traverse through untouched landscapes, majestic mountains, and remote villages. This challenging trek offers a unique experience that’s both physically demanding and mentally rewarding.

Here are the top highlights of the Manaslu Circuit Trek:

  1. Trek Difficulty: The Manaslu Circuit Trek is considered a strenuous trek, with steep ascents and descents, high altitude, and rough terrain. It requires a good level of fitness and previous trekking experience.

  2. Untouched Landscapes: The trail takes you through pristine forests, picturesque valleys, and breathtaking alpine meadows. You’ll witness the raw beauty of nature, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear rivers.

  3. Majestic Mountains: The Manaslu region is home to the eighth highest mountain in the world, Mount Manaslu. You’ll have the opportunity to witness this majestic peak up close, along with other stunning Himalayan ranges.

  4. Remote Villages: Along the trek, you’ll pass through traditional villages inhabited by the indigenous people of the region. You’ll get a glimpse into their unique culture, lifestyle, and hospitality.

The best time to embark on the Manaslu Circuit Trek is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons when the weather is favorable, and the views are clear.

Preparation and Fitness

Manaslu Circuit Trek - Untouched Trail - Preparation and Fitness

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Embarking on the Manaslu Circuit Trek requires not only a sense of adventure but also proper preparation and physical fitness to conquer the challenging terrain and reach the untouched landscapes that lie ahead.

Before setting off on this exhilarating journey, it’s essential to have a pre-trek checklist to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. This checklist should include items such as obtaining the necessary permits, arranging transportation, and securing accommodation.

Plus, having the recommended gear is crucial for tackling the rugged trails and unpredictable weather conditions. It’s advised to invest in high-quality hiking boots, warm and waterproof clothing, a sturdy backpack, and trekking poles for added stability.

Adequate physical fitness is also vital, as the Manaslu Circuit Trek involves long hours of walking and steep ascents. Regular exercise, including cardio and strength training, can help prepare the body for the demanding trekking adventure that awaits.

With careful preparation and the right gear, adventurers can embark on the Manaslu Circuit Trek with confidence and fully enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this untouched trail.

Tips for a Successful Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek - Untouched Trail - Tips for a Successful Trek

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To ensure a successful trek on the Manaslu Circuit, adventurers must keep these essential tips in mind:

  1. Emergency Rescue: It’s crucial to have a plan in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Make sure to have travel insurance that covers emergency rescue services. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing that help is just a call away.

  2. Visa Requirements: Before embarking on the Manaslu Circuit Trek, be aware of the visa requirements for entering Nepal. Ensure that you have a valid passport and obtain the necessary visa to avoid any complications during your journey.

  3. Pack Wisely: Packing light is key to a successful trek. Only bring essentials such as warm clothing, comfortable trekking shoes, a sturdy backpack, and necessary medication. Remember to also carry a first aid kit for any minor injuries along the way.

  4. Acclimatize Properly: The Manaslu Circuit reaches high altitudes, so it’s important to acclimatize properly to avoid altitude sickness. Take your time and allow your body to adjust by taking rest days and staying hydrated.

Common Questions

How Long Is the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a challenging and exhilarating adventure. It covers around 177 kilometers and takes approximately 13-15 days to complete. The cost of the trek varies depending on the package and services chosen.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for the Trek?

There are no age restrictions for the trek, but it is important to consider the difficulty level. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a challenging adventure that requires a good level of fitness and stamina.

Is Travel Insurance Included in the Package?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Having travel insurance provides benefits such as coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost luggage, ensuring a safe and worry-free adventure.

Can I Hire a Porter for the Trek?

Yes, you can hire a porter for the trek. Hiring a porter has many benefits, such as reducing the weight you have to carry, allowing you to enjoy the trek more, and supporting the local economy.

What Are the Accommodation Options During the Trek?

During the trek, there are two accommodation options available: luxury lodges and tea houses. Both provide comfortable and convenient stays for trekkers. These options allow travelers to rest and rejuvenate along the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

The Sum Up

Embark on the unforgettable Manaslu Circuit Trek and discover the untouched beauty of Nepal’s Himalayas.

With its remote landscapes and breathtaking views of Mount Manaslu, this trek offers a unique and adventurous experience for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure.

With inclusions such as comfortable accommodations and experienced guides, as well as pickup and meeting details, this trek ensures a safe and enjoyable journey.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore one of the world’s highest mountains.

Book your trek today and create memories that will last a lifetime.