Nestled in the picturesque town of Reutte, LUMAGICA Reutte offers visitors an unforgettable experience in a world of light and magic. This enchanting light park, set against the backdrop of the majestic Ehrenberg castle ruins, captivates guests with its mesmerizing light installations and interactive exhibits.

As guests embark on the 1.5-kilometer-long circular path, they are greeted by over 300 handmade, luminous objects, creating a truly immersive and awe-inspiring atmosphere. LUMAGICA Reutte is a visual feast, with dazzling photo points and exciting interactive lights that beckon guests to capture the magic on camera.

Prepare to be transported to a world of wonder and enchantment as you step into LUMAGICA Reutte’s magical realm of light.

Good To Know

LUMAGICA Reutte - Good To Know

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  • LUMAGICA Reutte offers a unique and enchanting experience with its glowing ambience and fascinating light installations.
  • Visitors can explore the 1.5-kilometer-long circular path at their own pace and there is no specific time limit for exploring the park.
  • The majestic Ehrenberg castle ruins serve as a historical backdrop for LUMAGICA, transforming the castle landscape into an enchanting light park.
  • LUMAGICA Reutte is not fully accessible due to historic steps and listed paths, but visitors with mobility limitations can consider visiting LUMAGICA Innsbruck for a barrier-free experience.

Experience and Highlights

LUMAGICA Reutte - Experience and Highlights

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Visitors to LUMAGICA Reutte can enjoy the glowing ambience of the light productions. As they walk along the 1.5-kilometer-long circular path, they’re transported into a breathtaking world filled with fascinating lights and enchanting magic.

More than 300 handmade, luminous objects and installations greet them along the way, creating a visual feast for the eyes. Along the path, they’ll also discover dazzling photo points with exciting photo motifs and interactive lights, perfect for capturing memorable moments.

But it’s not just the visuals that captivate; the park also offers a magical atmosphere with interactive installations and spherical sounds. The combination of light, sound, and interactive elements creates an otherworldly experience that will leave visitors spellbound.

Duration and Closing Time

LUMAGICA Reutte - Duration and Closing Time

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The park allows visitors to stay as long as they want until the closing time, offering a flexible and unrestricted experience. Here are three reasons why the duration and closing time at LUMAGICA Reutte enhance the visitor experience:

  1. Time flexibility: Unlike some attractions that have strict time limits, LUMAGICA Reutte gives visitors the freedom to explore at their own pace. There’s no specific time limit for exploring the park, allowing guests to fully enjoy the magical ambiance.

  2. Extended enjoyment: Visitors can take their time to soak in the captivating lights and enchanting magic that LUMAGICA has to offer. Whether it’s admiring the handmade luminous objects or discovering the dazzling photo points, guests can enjoy the experience without feeling rushed.

  3. Memorable moments: With no restrictions on how long visitors can stay, they’ve ample opportunities to create lasting memories. Whether it’s capturing unique photos or simply savoring the magical atmosphere, LUMAGICA Reutte allows guests to make the most of their time in the park.

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Location and Accessibility

LUMAGICA Reutte - Location and Accessibility

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Located in Reutte, LUMAGICA offers a unique and enchanting light park experience. While Reutte provides a historical backdrop with its medieval castle complex, it’s important to note that LUMAGICA Reutte isn’t fully accessible due to historic steps and listed paths. Visitors with mobility limitations may face challenges exploring the park.

However, for a barrier-free experience, LUMAGICA Innsbruck is recommended. Innsbruck, known for better accessibility options, offers LUMAGICA Innsbruck as an alternative location. When planning a visit, it’s crucial to consider accessibility needs.

In terms of transportation options, visitors can explore Reutte and Innsbruck using various modes, including public buses and trains. It’s advised to check the local transportation schedules for convenient travel arrangements.

Light Productions and Installations

LUMAGICA Reutte showcases a mesmerizing array of light productions and installations, captivating visitors with its enchanting ambiance. Here are three highlights of the light artistry and interactive experiences at LUMAGICA:

  1. Glowing Path: Visitors can walk on a 1.5-kilometer-long circular path, seeing a world of fascinating lights and enchanting magic. Along this path, they’ll encounter more than 300 handmade, luminous objects and installations, creating a truly captivating experience.

  2. Dazzling Photo Points: Throughout LUMAGICA, there are dazzling photo points with exciting photo motifs and interactive lights. These provide unique opportunities for visitors to capture stunning pictures and engage with the installations in a fun and interactive way.

  3. Magical Atmosphere: The interactive installations and spherical sounds at LUMAGICA create a truly magical atmosphere. Visitors can engage with the installations, experiencing a sense of wonder and awe as they interact with the lights and enjoy the enchanting ambiance of the park.

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Castle Landscape and Historical Setting

LUMAGICA Reutte - Castle Landscape and Historical Setting

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As visitors continue along the glowing path of LUMAGICA Reutte, they’re transported into a castle landscape and historical setting that adds an extra layer of intrigue and charm to the enchanting light park experience.

The majestic Ehrenberg castle ruins offer impressive walls, high towers, and captivating history. LUMAGICA takes advantage of this backdrop, transforming the castle landscape into an enchanting light park.

The combination of the castle ruins and the mesmerizing light installations creates a unique and magical atmosphere. As visitors explore the park, they can enjoy the historical ambiance and marvel at the beauty of the illuminated castle walls.

This blending of the past and the present creates a truly unforgettable experience for all who visit LUMAGICA Reutte.

Alternative Location: LUMAGICA Innsbruck

Visitors seeking a barrier-free experience and enhanced accessibility options can explore an alternative location for the enchanting LUMAGICA light park at Innsbruck. This alternative location offers several benefits for those with mobility limitations or accessibility needs. Here are three reasons to consider LUMAGICA Innsbruck:

  1. Better Accessibility: Innsbruck provides improved accessibility options compared to LUMAGICA Reutte. The park in Innsbruck is designed to be fully accessible, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the magical light installations without any barriers.

  2. Convenient Location: Innsbruck is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning scenery and rich history. Choosing LUMAGICA Innsbruck allows visitors to combine their visit to the light park with exploring the city’s other attractions, making it a convenient choice for a memorable day out.

  3. Diverse Experiences: LUMAGICA Innsbruck offers a unique experience in a different setting. While LUMAGICA Reutte is set in a castle landscape, the Innsbruck location provides a different ambiance and atmosphere, adding variety to the overall LUMAGICA experience.

Common Questions

Are Pets Allowed in LUMAGICA Reutte?

Pets are not allowed in LUMAGICA Reutte. The light park does not accommodate pets, so visitors are advised to make alternative arrangements for their furry friends during their visit.

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks to LUMAGICA Reutte?

Visitors are welcome to bring their own food to LUMAGICA Reutte, but there may be restrictions on outside drinks. It’s best to check the park’s guidelines beforehand to ensure a smooth experience.

Is There a Discount for Children or Senior Citizens at LUMAGICA Reutte?

Children and senior citizens can enjoy discounted ticket prices at LUMAGICA Reutte. The discount policy ensures that everyone can experience the enchanting light park at a more affordable rate.

Is Photography Allowed Inside LUMAGICA Reutte?

Photography is allowed inside Lumagica Reutte. Visitors can capture stunning shots of the enchanting light installations and interactive displays. The park offers numerous photo points with exciting motifs, ensuring that every photo taken is a magical memory.

Are There Any Guided Tours Available at LUMAGICA Reutte?

Guided tours are available at Lumagica Reutte. Visitors can enjoy the enchanting light park while being guided through the mesmerizing installations. Enjoy the magic and let the knowledgeable guides enhance your experience.

The Sum Up

Step into a world of enchantment and wonder at LUMAGICA Reutte. This captivating light park, nestled in the picturesque town of Reutte, offers a truly immersive and awe-inspiring experience.

With over 300 handmade, luminous objects and exciting interactive lights, guests are sure to be mesmerized. While not fully accessible, LUMAGICA Innsbruck provides a barrier-free alternative for those with mobility limitations.

Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the magic on camera and explore this magical realm of light.

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