In Florence, did you know that the Guilds played a crucial role in shaping the city’s economic and social landscape during the Renaissance, with over 21 Guilds established by the 14th century?

As visitors embark on the self-guided audio tour of the Old Guilds, they are transported back in time to uncover the mysteries and legacies of these influential organizations.

But what secrets lie hidden within the walls of these historic Guilds headquarters? Join the journey to unravel the tales of power, wealth, and craftsmanship that defined Florence’s past.

Good To Know

Florence: The Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour - Good To Know

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  • Explore Florence’s old society through self-guided audio tour
  • Visit 6 historic Guilds headquarters with enriching stories
  • Enjoy flexibility with smartphone digital mapping and insightful narration
  • Immerse in the origins and influence of Florentine Guilds through curated itinerary

Tour Details

Florence: The Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour - Tour Details

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Embark on an enriching journey through Florence’s historic streets with the self-guided audio tour, ‘Florence: The Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour.’ Explore the fascinating Guild history as you wander through the old society of Florence.

The tour offers insightful Audio commentary at every stop, providing a deep understanding of the Arti di Firenze and the legacy left by the Florentine Guilds. Learn about the origins and influence of these Guilds as you pass by 6 guilds’ headquarters.

Enjoy the stories and curiosities narrated by young professionals, bringing to life the hidden palaces and guilds’ history of Florence. This tour promises a unique and educational exploration of Florence’s rich cultural heritage.


Florence: The Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour - Highlights

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Enjoy the captivating allure of Florence as you stroll through its historic streets on the self-guided audio tour, ‘Florence: The Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour.’ This tour unveils hidden treasures and local secrets that are often overlooked by traditional tours.

Explore the old society of Florence as you visit 6 old Guilds headquarters, where you’ll listen to intriguing stories and uncover fascinating curiosities. Discover the lesser-known aspects of these guilds, gaining insights into their history and influence on the city.

Unravel the mysteries behind the guilds’ operations and explore the unique world of Florence’s artisanal heritage. Get ready to uncover the enchanting tales that lie within these historical buildings.

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Florence: The Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour - Description

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Uncover the captivating narrative of Florence’s Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour, a journey that unveils the hidden gems of the city’s rich historical tapestry.

  1. Explore History: Explore the intricate history of Florence’s Guilds as you wander through the city’s streets.

  2. Guilds Legacy: Discover the lasting impact and legacy of the Florentine Guilds on the city’s culture and society.

  3. Digital Experience: Enjoy a self-guided audio tour using your smartphone and headphones to follow a digital map.

  4. Half-Day Exploration: Ideal for those seeking a comprehensive yet flexible exploration, pass by 6 guilds’ headquarters and learn about the Arti di Firenze.


Florence: The Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour - Inclusions

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Included in the Florence: The Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour are exclusive access links and passcodes for the Smartphone Audio-Guide in English. The tour provides enriching information at every stop through audio content, offering a deeper understanding of Florence’s old guilds. Participants can enjoy a personalized experience with a customised itinerary route and offline access. The inclusion of a live guide enhances the exploration, ensuring a seamless journey through the historical sites. The headphones or any digital device provided allow visitors to immerse themselves fully in the narratives shared at each of the 6 old Guilds headquarters. This comprehensive audio tour caters to those seeking a dynamic and informative way to explore the rich history of Florence’s guilds.

Inclusions Details
Exclusive Access Links For Smartphone Audio-Guide in English
Online Digital Map Customized Itinerary Route with GPS
Enriching Audio Information Provided at every stop for a deeper understanding of the old guilds
Headphones/Any Digital Device Ensuring an immersive experience during the tour

How To Reserve: This tour can be booked on GetYourGuide. They have a great cancellation policy which means you can save your spot now and can cancel for free right up to the day before.

Important Information

Florence: The Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour - Important Information

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Explore the practical details and tips necessary for a smooth and enjoyable experience on the Florence: The Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour.

  1. Audio Equipment: Ensure to bring headphones for an optimal audio experience throughout the tour.

  2. Internet Access: Make sure to have internet access as the tour requires it for the audio guide and digital map.

  3. Smartphone and Headphones: Remember to have your smartphone fully charged and headphones ready for the tour.

  4. URL Link and Passcode: Utilize the provided URL link and passcode from the voucher email to access the tour seamlessly.

These essentials will guarantee a seamless and immersive exploration of Florence’s historical guilds at your own pace.

Booking Information

Florence: The Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour - Booking Information

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To secure your spot on the Florence: The Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour, simply reserve now and pay later, allowing for flexibility in your travel plans. This unique adventure offers the freedom to cancel later, up to 24 hours in advance, ensuring you can adapt your schedule with ease.

Enjoy the historical exploration of Florentine Guilds with this carefully curated itinerary that showcases 7 key locations narrated by young professionals. With flexible travel plans, you can book your tour now and pay at your convenience.

Set out on a digital mapping journey using your smartphone to follow the pre-made itinerary, while insightful storytelling unveils hidden palaces and guilds’ history along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Florence: The Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is the Best Time of Day to Take the Self-Guided Audio Tour of Florence’s Old Guilds?

For the self-guided audio tour of Florence’s old guilds, the best time is in the morning when the city is waking up, with fewer crowds and gentle light, offering a peaceful and insightful exploration.

Are There Any Recommended Local Restaurants or Cafes Along the Tour Route to Stop and Grab a Bite to Eat?

When exploring Florence’s old guilds, visitors can find local eateries offering traditional cuisine along the tour route. These hidden gems provide the perfect opportunity for coffee breaks and must-try dishes, enhancing the overall experience.

Can Participants Bring Their Pets Along on the Tour?

Participants can bring their pets on the tour, as it offers pet-friendly accommodations and attractions. They can enjoy dog-friendly tours with proper pet etiquette. The experience allows for a more inclusive and enjoyable exploration for all.

Is There a Specific Dress Code Recommended for the Tour, Such as Comfortable Shoes or Appropriate Attire for Visiting Historical Sites?

For exploring historical sites comfortably, wearing appropriate attire and comfortable shoes is recommended. This ensures an enjoyable experience during the tour. Guests are advised to dress in a way that allows ease of movement and comfort throughout.

Are There Any Interactive Elements or Challenges Included in the Tour to Engage Participants Further in the History of the Guilds?

The tour immerses participants in history through interactive elements and historical challenges. It engages visitors by providing hands-on experiences, quizzes, and puzzles at each guild’s headquarters. Participants will delve deeper into the rich legacy of Florence’s old Guilds.

The Sum Up

Florence: The Old Guilds Self-Guided Audio Tour - The Sum Up

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Enjoy the captivating history of Florence’s Old Guilds with this self-guided audio tour.

Explore hidden gems, uncover fascinating stories, and gain a deeper understanding of this ancient society at your own pace.

With exclusive access to a smartphone audio guide and a digital map, this educational adventure offers a unique way to experience the rich culture and heritage of Florence.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable journey through the past!

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