Embark on an unforgettable family fishing escapade with Nautica Massetti, where generations bond over the thrill of the catch. Under the guidance of expert skipper, Luca, participants explore the intricate world of marine life while honing their angling skills.

As the sun kisses the horizon, the anticipation of reeling in the big one fills the air, promising an experience that goes beyond just fishing.

Curious about what surprises await you on this unique marine adventure?

Good To Know

Family Fishing Fun With Nautica Massetti - Good To Know

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  • Learn fishing techniques and marine conservation from expert Luca.
  • Bond with family while catching mackerels, amberjacks, and bluefish.
  • Enjoy a 4-hour fishing adventure with top-notch equipment provided.
  • Gain insight into local marine ecosystems and practice catch and release.

Activity Details

Family Fishing Fun With Nautica Massetti - Activity Details

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Discover an exciting family fishing experience with Nautica Massetti, where you can engage in a 4-hour adventure led by expert skipper Luca in the stunning marine surroundings off the coast of Tortoreto, Italy.

This activity promotes family bonding as participants learn fishing techniques to catch mackerels, amberjacks, and bluefish while embracing marine conservation efforts. The price starts from SEK 3,274 per group of 4, with top-notch fishing gear provided.

Suitable for beginners and seasoned anglers, the trip offers insights into marine ecosystems and local fish species, fostering a deeper appreciation for marine conservation.

With a limited group size of 4, participants can enjoy personalized attention and hands-on experience with catch and release instruction.

Full Description

Family Fishing Fun With Nautica Massetti - Full Description

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Indulge in a family fishing adventure led by expert skipper Luca at Nautica Massetti, situated in the picturesque marine surroundings off the coast of Tortoreto, Italy. Families can bond over:

  • Learning about marine ecosystems, local fish species, and fishing ethics
  • Experiencing hands-on catch and release instruction
  • Gaining a deeper appreciation for marine conservation

The full description includes top-notch fishing gear, an opportunity to bond with family members in the beauty of the open sea, and a focus on marine conservation.

With Luca’s guidance, families can not only enjoy a memorable fishing experience but also learn about the importance of preserving marine environments for future generations.

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Family Fishing Fun With Nautica Massetti - Inclusions

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Families joining the fishing adventure led by expert skipper Luca at Nautica Massetti can expect personalized attention, top-notch fishing gear, and a memorable 4-hour experience exploring the marine ecosystems off the coast of Tortoreto, Italy.

Inclusions for this exciting excursion encompass expert guidance by Skipper Luca, a 4-hour fishing adventure, and all necessary fishing equipment such as rods, sabikis, hooks, and weights. Additionally, you will receive an introduction to marine conservation practices and catch and release instruction, promoting sustainable fishing practices.

The experience ensures insights into local marine ecosystems, catering to all skill levels with personalized attention. Set in scenic fishing spots 4-6 miles off the coast, families can enjoy the outing while learning about marine conservation and mastering catch and release techniques.

Meeting Point

Located at the entrance of Nautica Massetti’s boat storage facility on Lungomare Sirena 1 in Tortoreto, Italy, the meeting point is easily identifiable by a prominent sign bearing the name ‘Nautica Massetti’ and visible boats.

  • Nearby Attractions: Visitors can explore the charming Tortoreto Lido, known for its sandy beaches and vibrant promenade.

  • Local Dining: After the fishing trip, families can enjoy fresh seafood at nearby restaurants like Ristorante La Palma, offering delicious Italian cuisine.

  • Scenic Views: The meeting point overlooks the beautiful Adriatic Sea, providing a picturesque backdrop for the day’s adventure.

How To Reserve: This tour can be booked on GetYourGuide. They have a great cancellation policy which means you can save your spot now and can cancel for free right up to the day before.

Important Information

Ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience, participants are encouraged to bring essential items like hats, cameras, sunscreen, water, comfortable clothing, and beachwear. It’s crucial to pack these items for protection against the sun and for overall comfort during the fishing adventure.

Safety precautions are in place, with restrictions on children under 2 years, pregnant women, and individuals prone to seasickness. Plus, diving is prohibited during the trip to ensure the well-being of all participants.

Price and Duration

With prices starting from SEK 3,274 per group of 4, participants can enjoy a 4-hour family fishing adventure led by expert skipper Luca with Nautica Massetti. For those seeking cost-effective options, this experience provides great value for a group outing.

Plus, the 4-hour duration allows families to enjoy the fishing adventure without feeling rushed. Time flexibility is key for families with different schedules, making it convenient to plan this activity into their day.

Lastly, the reasonable pricing ensures that families can enjoy this memorable experience without breaking the bank.

Instructor and Group Size

Family Fishing Fun With Nautica Massetti - Instructor and Group Size

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Starting from the engaging family fishing adventure, the experience is led by expert Italian instructor, Skipper Luca, ensuring personalized attention for a limited group size of 4 participants. With Skipper Luca’s guidance, participants benefit from individualized instruction and hands-on support throughout the 4-hour excursion.

This small group setting allows for ample interaction, making it ideal for beginners looking to grasp fishing basics or seasoned anglers seeking to refine their skills. The intimate group size ensures that each participant receives tailored feedback and assistance, guaranteeing a rewarding and educational experience.

Skipper Luca’s expertise, combined with the small group dynamic, creates a welcoming environment where families can bond, learn, and create lasting memories on the open sea.

Booking and Gear

Upon reserving your spot for the family fishing adventure with Nautica Massetti, you can expect state-of-the-art fishing gear to be provided for your 4-hour excursion. The booking process is simple and convenient, allowing you to secure your spot with ease.

Gear selection is tailored to ensure you have the best tools for the job, including top-notch rods, sabikis, hooks, and weights. The equipment is carefully chosen to enhance your fishing experience and increase your chances of catching mackerels, amberjacks, and bluefish during your time on the water.

Get ready to enjoy a hassle-free fishing trip with all the necessary gear taken care of for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Opportunities for Children to Participate in the Fishing Adventure?

Children can enjoy the fishing adventure with family in a child-friendly environment. The program ensures fishing safety and includes youth fishing programs. It’s a great opportunity for family bonding while learning about marine conservation and local fish species.

Can Participants Bring Their Own Fishing Gear or Is It Mandatory to Use the Provided Equipment?

Participants are not allowed to bring personal fishing gear on the family bonding fishing experience. The activity includes top-notch state-of-the-art equipment provided by the organizer. This ensures everyone can enjoy the adventure with the same quality gear.

Is There a Restroom on the Boat for Participants to Use During the Fishing Trip?

Restroom facilities are available on the boat for participants’ convenience during the fishing trip. While state-of-the-art fishing gear is provided, participants are welcome to bring their own gear if they prefer.

Are There Any Options for Participants Who Do Not Wish to Engage in Fishing but Still Want to Join the Adventure?

For those not interested in fishing but still seeking adventure, they can opt for nature walks and enjoy picnic lunches. It’s a great way to explore the surroundings, appreciate the marine environment, and bond with the family.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Participants to Join the Fishing Trip With Nautica Massetti?

For the fishing trip with Nautica Massetti, participants must be above 2 years old for safety reasons. This adventure fosters family bonding through outdoor activities. Enjoy the sea, learn fishing techniques, and embrace marine conservation together.

The Sum Up

Set out on a family fishing adventure with Nautica Massetti and skipper Luca for an unforgettable experience filled with learning, fun, and appreciation for the ocean.

With state-of-the-art gear, expert guidance, and scenic fishing spots, this 4-hour excursion promises valuable insights into marine conservation and bonding moments with loved ones.

Book now for a memorable day on the open sea!

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