The Eltz Castle Small-Group Tour from Frankfurt with Dinner offers an enchanting experience for visitors looking to explore the captivating Eltz Castle. With personalized attention and a maximum of 14 people, this tour ensures an intimate and enjoyable adventure.

Guests can admire world-class artworks, soak in the breathtaking view of the Elzbach Valley, and indulge in a delicious dinner at a riverside restaurant.

Previous participants rave about the knowledgeable and friendly guides, comfortable tour experience, and highly recommend this unforgettable journey.

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Quick Takeaways

Eltz Castle Small-Group Tour From Frankfurt With Dinner - Quick Takeaways

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  • Eltz Castle is a stunning fairy tale-like castle with eight centuries of Western architecture and culture.
  • The tour includes a visit to the Treasury and Armoury room, which houses world-class artworks in gold and silver.
  • The Eltz Forest, a nature reserve with rare fauna and flora, offers a breathtaking view of the Elzbach Valley.
  • The tour includes dinner at a restaurant on the banks of the Rhine River after the castle tour.

Overview and Highlights

Eltz Castle Small-Group Tour From Frankfurt With Dinner - Overview and Highlights

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One of the highlights of the Eltz Castle Small-Group Tour from Frankfurt with Dinner is the stunning fairy tale-like castle itself. With its enchanting architecture and rich history spanning eight centuries, Eltz Castle is a sight to behold.

Nestled in the tranquil Elzbach Valley, the castle offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding Eltz Forest, a nature reserve teeming with rare fauna and flora.

As you explore the castle, you’ll be captivated by the intricate details of its design and the stories it holds within its walls.

From the Treasury and Armoury room, which houses world-class artworks in gold and silver, to the mesmerizing views from the castle’s towers, every moment spent at Eltz Castle is truly magical.

Unique Selling Points

The unique selling point of the Eltz Castle Small-Group Tour from Frankfurt with Dinner is its hidden gem status, offering a less crowded experience compared to other popular fortresses. While places like Neuschwanstein Castle attract large crowds of travelers, Eltz Castle remains relatively undiscovered, providing a more intimate and exclusive visit. This allows visitors to fully enjoy the beauty and history of the castle without the overwhelming crowds. To further illustrate this point, here is a table comparing the visitor numbers of Eltz Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle:

Castle Average Daily Visitors
Eltz Castle 2,000
Neuschwanstein 6,000

As shown in the table, Eltz Castle receives significantly fewer visitors on a daily basis, ensuring a more serene and peaceful experience for those who choose to visit. This unique selling point sets the Eltz Castle Small-Group Tour apart from other castle tours, allowing travelers to enjoy the hidden gem of Eltz Castle in a more relaxed and intimate setting.


The Eltz Castle Small-Group Tour from Frankfurt with Dinner includes a guided tour of the castle. This tour stands out from other castle tours due to its unique combination of personalized attention, stunning castle views, and a delicious dinner experience. The guided tour of Eltz Castle ensures that visitors learn about its rich history and architectural significance.

Transportation is provided by luxury air-conditioned coach, offering a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation.

The value for money is evident in the inclusions provided, offering a comprehensive experience for guests.

Meeting and Pickup Details

The meeting and pickup details for the Eltz Castle Small-Group Tour from Frankfurt with Dinner are as follows.

Hotel pickup will be provided from the Le Meridien Hotel, located at Wiesenhüttenpl. 38, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The tour will start promptly at 10:00 AM, so it’s recommended to arrive a few minutes early.

After the tour, the activity will end back at the meeting point, making it convenient for participants.

This small-group tour offers a personalized experience with a maximum of 14 people, ensuring that each guest receives individual attention.

With hotel pickup and drop-off service, guests can relax and enjoy the scenic drive to Eltz Castle without the hassle of transportation arrangements.

The start time and hotel pickup option make it convenient for travelers to join this enchanting tour.

Tour Experience and Reviews

Visitors on the Eltz Castle Small-Group Tour from Frankfurt with Dinner have described it as a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The tour guides are knowledgeable and friendly, providing insightful commentary on German history and other subjects.

The positive reviews highlight the great guide, amazing tour, beautiful castle, and fantastic day at Eltz Castle. The overall experience is highly recommended, with many visitors considering it one of the best tours they’ve ever experienced.

The tour includes a leisurely walk to the castle, offering a chance to appreciate the stunning architecture and picturesque surroundings. Plus, the scenic drive along the Rhine River and the included ferry boat crossing add to the charm of the tour.

Common Questions

How Long Is the Tour of Eltz Castle?

The tour of Eltz Castle has a length of approximately [duration] and offers visitors a chance to explore the stunning architecture, treasury, and surrounding Eltz Forest.

Is the Dinner at the Restaurant Included in the Tour Price?

Yes, the dinner at the restaurant is included in the tour price. Visitors can enjoy traditional German dishes served at the dinner, providing a delicious and authentic culinary experience.

Are There Any Additional Fees or Expenses Not Mentioned in the Inclusions?

Additional fees or unmentioned expenses such as hidden costs or unexpected charges may not be included in the tour price. It is advisable to inquire about any potential extra costs before booking the tour.

Can Children Participate in the Small-Group Tour?

Children of all ages can participate in the small-group tour to Eltz Castle. There are no age restrictions, making it a family-friendly experience. They will enjoy exploring the castle, its treasures, and the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding nature reserve.

Is the Eltz Forest Visit Optional or Included in the Tour Itinerary?

Yes, the Eltz Forest visit is included in the tour itinerary. It allows visitors to experience the significance of the forest and its connection to the rich history of Eltz Castle.

The Sum Up

To sum it up, the Eltz Castle Small-Group Tour from Frankfurt with Dinner offers an enchanting and exclusive experience for visitors.

With its stunning castle, breathtaking views, and world-class artworks, this tour truly immerses guests in the rich history and beauty of the Eltz Castle.

The personalized attention and small group size ensure a comfortable and intimate experience.

With positive reviews from previous participants, this tour comes highly recommended for those seeking a memorable adventure in Germany.