Discover the hidden gems of Egypt‘s past and present on a Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal.

The journey offers a fusion of historical intrigue and modern-day marvels, promising a memorable exploration.

From ancient ruins to cutting-edge engineering feats, participants are in for an immersive experience that goes beyond the surface of traditional tourist attractions.

Stay tuned to uncover the secrets that await in this captivating tour through Egypt’s rich tapestry of history and innovation.

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Good To Know

Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal - Good To Know

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  • Explore Tanis ruins and Ismailia on the Suez Canal
  • Enjoy expert guide services and historical insights
  • Customize your tour with optional Egyptologist guide and lunch
  • Book in advance for a hassle-free private tour experience

Tour Details

The tour details for the Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal in Cairo, Egypt, provide a fascinating glimpse into the ancient ruins of Tanis and the modern engineering marvel of the Suez Canal.

Tour highlights include visits to the Tanis ruins and Ismailia on the Suez Canal, catering to archeology and engineering enthusiasts.

The itinerary flexibility allows for a personalized experience, with optional add-ons like an expert Egyptologist guide and entry fees. Participants can expect round-trip transfers, an air-conditioned vehicle, bottled water, and snacks for their comfort.

Pickup is available from centrally located Cairo and Giza hotels. This tour offers a unique blend of history and modernity, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a comprehensive exploration of Egypt’s rich heritage.

What’s Included

Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal - Whats Included

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Included in the tour are pick-up and return services from your hotel, an air-conditioned vehicle, bottled water, snacks, and optional extras like entry fees, an expert Egyptologist guide, and lunch. Travelers can customize their experience with additional offerings, such as specialized guided tours and various lunch options. The expert Egyptologist guide will provide in-depth knowledge of the historical sites, making the journey engaging and insightful.

Lunch options cater to different preferences, from local cuisine to international dishes, ensuring a satisfying break during the tour. Tour guide expertise enhances the overall experience, offering detailed explanations and historical context, immersing visitors in the rich culture and heritage of Tanis and the engineering marvels of the Suez Canal.

  • Customizable lunch options
  • Specialized guided tours
  • Expert Egyptologist guide
  • Diverse snack choices
  • Air-conditioned comfort

Additional Info

Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal - Additional Info

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Begin your exploration with valuable insights and key details under the ‘Additional Info’ section, enhancing your understanding of the tour’s logistics and accessibility.

Tour logistics are well-organized, with wheelchair and stroller accessibility, ensuring a comfortable experience for most travelers. The tour offers a private setting for your group, allowing for a more personalized and flexible exploration.

When sightseeing, remember to engage with the historical and engineering marvels of Tanis and the Suez Canal. For local cuisine, be prepared to indulge in authentic Egyptian dishes and take advantage of shopping opportunities.

Confirmation is received promptly after booking, subject to availability, and transportation is wheelchair accessible. Plan in advance to secure your spot and enjoy a hassle-free adventure.

Price and Booking

Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal - Price and Booking

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Embark on your Egyptian adventure with the flexibility of reserving now and paying later for the captivating Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal, starting at just $130.00.

  • Payment options: Reserve Now, Pay Later; Credit Card, PayPal
  • Discounts: Group discounts available
  • Group size: Small groups for an intimate experience
  • Reservation requirements: Secure spot by booking in advance
  • Flexibility: Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the tour

Experience the wonders of Tanis and the Suez Canal without the stress of immediate payment. Benefit from group discounts and the ease of securing your reservation early for a hassle-free and personalized tour.


Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal - Reviews

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The reviews for the Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal offer valuable insights into travelers’ experiences and perceptions. While the overall rating stands at 4.0 based on 3 reviews, specific feedback highlights mixed opinions on the Suez Canal visit, contrasted with positive reviews regarding the Tanis ruins.

Travelers appreciated the guide for providing historical insights and Hieroglyphic interpretation, enhancing the archaeological experience. However, some customers noted that the lunch, though advertised, wasn’t provided as part of the package, resulting in an additional expense. These reviews emphasize the importance of managing expectations regarding lunch options and showcase the significance of a knowledgeable guide in unraveling the mysteries of ancient Egypt.


Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal - Amenities

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As travelers explore the Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal, they can expect a range of amenities designed to enhance their experience, including round-trip transfers, an air-conditioned vehicle, bottled water, and snacks. These amenities cater to both comfort options and sightseeing essentials, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable journey for all participants.

Here are some key amenities provided during the tour:

  • Round-trip transfers for convenience
  • Air-conditioned vehicle for a comfortable ride
  • Bottled water to stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Snacks for a quick energy boost
  • Enhanced sightseeing experience with comfort and refreshments

These amenities are thoughtfully included to make the tour memorable and enjoyable for all travelers.


Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal - Accessibility

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For a seamless and inclusive experience, travelers of varying needs will find the Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal accessible and accommodating. The tour ensures wheelchair accessibility, making it easier for individuals with mobility challenges to explore the sites comfortably.

On top of that, stroller options are available for families with young children, ensuring convenience for parents navigating the tour with infants. For those traveling with babies, infant seats are provided in the vehicles for added safety and comfort during the journey.

Plus, the option for a private tour allows for a personalized experience tailored to the specific requirements of the group. This commitment to accessibility ensures that all participants can enjoy the historical and engineering marvels of Tanis and the Suez Canal without limitations.


Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal - Directions

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Explore the vibrant history and modern marvels of Tanis and the Suez Canal through a dynamic tour that offers a unique perspective on Egypt’s cultural heritage and engineering feats.

Travelers can discover historical landmarks and engage with engineering marvels while enjoying a private tour for flexibility and a personalized experience. To ensure a hassle-free adventure, it’s recommended to book in advance to secure your spot.

Here are some key directions for your journey:

  • Follow the guide to explore Tanis and the Suez Canal

  • Enjoy the rich history of these iconic sites

  • Appreciate the engineering feats that shaped Egypt’s landscape

  • Opt for a private tour for a more personalized experience

  • Plan ahead to make the most of your time and enjoy a seamless exploration of these fascinating landmarks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Take Photos at the Tanis Ruins?

Visitors can take photos at the Tanis ruins, respecting photography etiquette and the historical significance of the site. It’s important to preserve cultural heritage at archaeological sites by following guidelines and appreciating the value of these ancient landmarks.

Are There Restrooms Available Along the Tour Route?

Restroom availability along the tour route is ensured with convenient stops for comfort. Travelers can relax knowing that necessary facilities are accessible during the excursion, enhancing the overall experience and providing a worry-free journey.

Is There Free Wi-Fi Available on the Tour Vehicle?

Free Wi-Fi is not available on the tour vehicle. While offering modern amenities like air conditioning and snacks, technology restrictions limit connectivity. Travelers can enjoy the sights of Tanis and the Suez Canal without online distractions.

Are There Any Souvenir Shops or Markets Near the Tanis Ruins?

Local crafts enthusiasts will find unique souvenirs near Tanis ruins, while those intrigued by the Suez Canal can explore nearby markets. Tourists can discover history and shop for special items, adding to their memorable experience.

Can We Bring Our Own Snacks and Drinks on the Tour?

Guests on the tour can bring their own snacks and drinks to accommodate dietary restrictions or enjoy picnic options. It’s advisable to pack light and easy-to-carry items for convenience during the excursion.

The Sum Up

Experience the wonders of ancient history and modern engineering on a Day Tour to Tanis & the Suez Canal in Cairo, Egypt.

With expert guides, comfortable transportation, and a blend of archeological exploration and scenic beauty, this tour offers a unique and enriching experience.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the mysteries of Tanis ruins and marvel at the architectural marvels of the Suez Canal.

Book your spot now for a memorable adventure.